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Pals Social Club (San Antonio, Tex.)

Creator: The Pals Social Club was conceived in 1925 as a way to mentor young African American women. Each year they hold a Debutante Presentation Ball to introduce that year's selected coterie. The African American women selected for the debutante coterie are college students and leaders who represent the club's moral and ethical standards.
Content: The bulk of the collection consists of newspaper clippings and photographs. Also included are 80th and 90th anniversary books.

Pan American League (San Antonio, Tex.)

Creator: The Pan American League, established in 1947, is a benevolent organization of women who are dedicated to enhancing the general welfare and well-being of San Antonio residents in the areas of health care, education, and leadership development.
Content: The bulk of the 5.5 linear foot collection consists of minutes, membership materials, financial records, scrapbooks and other assorted materials.

Pan American Round Table of Houston

Creator: The Pan American Round Table of Houston was established in 1940 by Hallie Barlow Olcott. The organization is dedicated to furthering knowledge of the cultures, customs, and history of the Americas through regular programming. They also support education through the sponsorship of scholarships for state and local students.
Content: The collection contains yearbooks, agendas, minutes, reports, correspondence, program and scholarship information, scrapbooks, and photographs.

Pan American Round Table of San Antonio

Content: The organizational records of The Pan American Round Table of San Antonio consist primarily of correspondence, minutes, reports, yearbooks, scrapbooks, programs and photographic materials that document the activities, interests, and events of the group. Most strongly documented are the initial years of the movement, when Florence Terry Griswold was Director, 1916-1941. Of note, the records include an extensive and rich collection of printed material, primarily bulletins, booklets, and Pan American Union publications, related to Panamericanism, Mexico, and Latin America prior to 1950.

Pan American Round Tables of Texas

Creator: The Pan American Round Tables of Texas (PARTT) is a state-level nonprofit woman's organization, providing leadership to twenty-one local tables in Texas. It is an independent, nonsectarian, nonpolitical, noncommercial and nonfederated organization. The purpose of the Pan American Round Tables is to acquaint members with the language, geography, history, literature, arts, culture, and customs of the republics of the Western Hemisphere, with the objective to foster mutual understanding, knowledge, and friendship among the peoples of the Western Hemisphere.
Content: The Pan American Round Tables of Texas Records span the years 1919-2009 and include correspondence, minutes, newsletters, reports, yearbooks, scrapbooks, conference programs, a flag, and photographic materials that document the activities, interests, and events of the group.

Patriot Heights Residents Association

Creator: Patriot Heights is a planned community located at 5000 Fawn Meadow, San Antonio, Texas 78240 that offers a choice of living arrangements for senior citizens.
Content: The Patriot Heights Residents Association Records contain documents concerning the rules, programs and healthcare operations of the Patriot Heights living community.

Peace, John Robert.

Creator: John Robert Peace, Jr. (1917-1974) was a Texas lawyer and public official. He served on the University of Texas Board of Regents from 1967-1973 (Chair, 1971-1973). He is credited with being a driving force in the establishment of the University of Texas at San Antonio. Peace also was an avid collector of Texana, and he amassed a collection of about 900 books and 500 manuscripts, some dating back to the 1700s. The manuscript of José Enrique de la Peña, popularly known as the De la Peña diary, first appeared publicly in 1955 under the title La Rebelión de Texas. The manuscript was edited and published by Jesús Sánchez Garza, a Mexico City antiquities dealer.
Content: The collection is comprised of materials collected by John R. Peace, Jr. Materials document Texas history, including the publication of the De la Peña diary (La Rebelión de Texas). Historical manuscripts comprise more than 350 documents--both original manuscripts and printed material--related to Texas history, concentrating on the periods before 1860. The Rebelión de Texas collection is comprised of original documents and typescripts, as well as copies of manuscript and typescript documents related to the publication of La Rebelión de Texas. The documents consist of historical manuscripts, copies and transcriptions of original documents, dated 1825-1840. Other documents, mostly undated but circa 1954, consist of letters, newspaper articles, transcriptions, drafts and notes probably created or used by Sánchez Garza for the publication.

Peña, Albar

Creator: Albar Peña served as a professor in the Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies at UTSA beginning in 1973 until his death in 1993. He was the first president of the National Association for Bilingual Education, twice served as the president of the Texas Association for Bilingual Education, he was selected as U.S. representative at the International Colloquium in Bilingualism and Biculturalism, Paris, France, and he was also selected as chairman of the National Advisory Panel to the National Clearinghouse on Bilingual Education. The Albar Peña Papers consist of 16.2 feet of archival materials spanning the years 1952-1997 and includes correspondence, teaching materials, research files, awards, publications, and conference materials that document the professional activities of Albar Peña.

Peña, Albert.

Creator: Albert A. Peña was born on the west side of San Antonio on December 15, 1917. A self-proclaimed "Chicano Activist," Judge Peña has been actively involved in a wide range of liberal social causes, particularly in defending and advancing the rights of Mexican-Americans, throughout his legal and political career.
Content: This collection of papers reflects many of Judge Peña's interests and his involvement in local and national Democratic party politics. Although the collection dates from 1952-1977, the bulk of the materials cover Peña's tenure as Bexar County Commissioner from 1956-1972.

Perry, Carmen

Creator: Carmen Perry was the first Special Collections Librarian in the Library of the University of Texas at San Antonio. She held this position from 1974 until her retirement in 1981. She was named a fellow by the Texas State Historical Association subsequent to the 1975 publication of With Santa Anna in Texas: A Personal Narrative of the Revolution, her translation of the De la Peña diary (La Rebelión de Texas).
Content: The collection spans the years 1973 through 1988 and documents Perry's tenure as Special Collections Librarian at the University of Texas at San Antonio Library, the publication of Perry's With Santa Anna in Texas: A Personal Narrative of the Revolution, and subsequent primary source research in Spain. Materials include correspondence, memoranda, minutes, manuscripts for publication, photographs, clippings, and other materials.

Perry, Garland A.

Creator: Garland A. Perry is the author of An American Saga: William George Hughes, 1859-1902: A Pioneer Texas Rancher, His Life, His Times, His Story and the author and photographer of Historic Images of Boerne, Texas.
Content: The bulk of the collection consists of photographs, research files, correspondence, calenders, scrapbooks and family papers.

Perry, George, 1953-.

Creator: George Perry is a neuroscientist and Dean of the College of Sciences and Professor of Biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio and a leading researcher in the field of Alzheimer's disease.
Content: The George Perry Papers include correspondence, email, grant files, committee files, drafts, laboratory notes, conference files, and slides that document his academic career and research activities primarily related to the cytopathology of Alzheimer's disease.

Petri, Lucie.

Creator: During World War II, Lucie Petri ran hotels in Paris for American women serving overseas. She served as president of the New York unit of the Women's Overseas Service League and in 1967, Petri was elected national president of the organization. During the late1940s, Petri served as president of the overseas division of the National Council of Catholic Women.
Content: The collection is comprised of scrapbooks, clippings, and assorted Women's Overseas Service League (WOSL) materials.

Phi Sigma Society. Beta Upsilon Chapter (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Creator: The Beta Upsilon Chapter of the Phi Sigma Society, a national honorary science fraternity, was established at the University of Texas at San Antonio in October 1974. The chapter was the first registered student organization at the University of Texas at San Antonio and included 36 faculty members and students. The chapter's first president was Dennis Perrota.
Content: The collection comprises a spiral-bound booklet prepared by the Beta Upsilon Chapter of the Phi Sigma Society. The materials in the booklet document the establishment, development, and activities of the student chapter from 1974 through 1975. Materials include correspondence and memoranda, a written history, an application to the society, a petition for the establishment of the chapter, by-laws, a registration form for student organizations at UTSA, a list of officers, photographs of the initiation and installation ceremony, a press release and news coverage of the establishment of the chapter, and flyers advertising the chapter's events.

Phillips, Linda, and Phillips, Cynthia.

Creator: Linda and Cynthia Phillips were married in Dallas in 1958. Over the years, the couple became prominent within the transgender community of Central and South Texas. Linda and Cynthia also became affiliated with many transgender organizations. The most notable was the Boulton and Park Society of San Antonio, which the couple joined shortly after its formation in 1986. They also had a strong presence in the San Antonio community as the primary organizers of the Texas "T" Party, a Boulton and Park-sponsored event that became the largest annual convention for crossdressers in the nation. The Phillips gained national exposure in the early 1990s following their appearances on major television talk shows. Much of their time during the 1990s was dedicated to educating the public and other members of the transgender community on their experiences as a transgender couple.
Content: The Linda and Cynthia Phillips Papers document the couple's attempt to educate other transgender singles and couples based on experience gained in their own relationship. Additionally, the collection reflects the Phillips' active involvement in raising awareness of the transgender culture among the general population. Included are newsletters, articles, announcements, pamphlets, papers, magazines, and correspondence collected by the couple during the time of their association with the Boulton and Park Society. The materials are arranged in series by function, with Boulton and Park Society making up the bulk of the collection.

Pierre Duval Hair Studio (San Antonio, Tex.)

Creator: The Pierre Duval Hair Studio was opened by Jesse Duval Arrambide and Robert Pierre Teander in San Antonio, Texas in the early 1970s. For their collaboration with the Fiesta Dinner Playhouse in San Antonio owned by actor Earl Holliman, Jesse and Robert became known as the "hairdressers to the stars." In addition to visiting actors appearing at the Fiesta Dinner Playhouse, many Fiesta queens and their families relied on Pierre Duval Hair Studio.
Content: The bulk of the collection consists of albums containing photographs and playbills from the Fiesta Dinner Playhouse, autographed stills of actors, as well photographs taken at the home of Jesse and Robert.

Planned Parenthood of San Antonio and South Central Texas.

Content: The records of Planned Parenthood of San Antonio and South Central Texas, 1896-2008, document the organization's operation from its formation, including administrative activities, programs and services offered to local and regional communities, how public opinion of the San Antonio organization changed, and regional and national developments of sexual and family issues.

Polunsky, Bob.

Creator: This collection primarily consists of Polunsky's movie review manuscripts, interview videos and research materials. The bulk of the collection is interviews on Betacam video.
Content: Bob Polunsky has been a film critic in San Antonio since 1953 and was the first critic in San Antonio to broadcast on both radio and television.

Porter, Arrie Barnes.

Creator: Nubian Notes was a quarterly magazine published in San Antonio, Texas with a circulation of 3,500 that addressed the importance of history in the African American community. Eight volumes were published from 1995-1996 with Arrie Barnes Porter as editor and Nicholas Barrón II as graphic designer.
Content: The collection consists of 4 volumes of Nubian Notes, correspondence, advertising materials, photographs, news clippings and Arrie Barnes Porter's notebook.

Porter, R. H.

Creator: R. H. Porter, former president of the Steck Company of Austin, Texas and Texas Confederate history enthusiast, gathered a collection of approximately one thousand Texas Confederate and Civil War items.
Content: The collection consists of ephemera, photographs (mostly reproductions), manuscripts, government documents, rare books (originals and photocopies), and pamphlets. While books form the largest portion of the collection, materials also include ephemera, photographs (mostly reproductions), manuscripts, government documents, photocopies of rare books, and pamphlets.

Pritchard, Linda

Creator: From 1980 to 1993, Linda Pritchard was Assistant Professor of History in the Division of Behavioral and Cultural Sciences at the University of Texas at San Antonio. From 1993-1998, she served as Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
Content: The Linda Pritchard Papers pertain to her academic career at UTSA and her research on women in relation to economic development and to religion in the United States. The collection includes administrative records, correspondence, committee files, planning materials, and research articles.

Purdy, Virginia "Ginger"

Creator: Purdy has been involved in the founding and leadership of numerous women's organization in the San Antonio area. Purdy formulated her ideas of the "middle woman" in 1996 book, which has a foreward by Ann Richards, Come On In, There's Room For US All: Finding Your Place in the Women's Movement; Finally! The Middle Woman Speaks Up and Out.
Content: The bulk of this collection consists of agendas, minutes, correspondence, project files, brochures and VHS cassettes documenting Purdy's work with Network Power/Texas along with her other projects.