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Caldwell, Richard, 1934-2016

Creator Abstract: Richard Kenneth Caldwell (1934-2016) grew up on Cupples Road in the Edgewood community of San Antonio. He attended Edgewood elementary and junior schools and Brackenridge High School. After graduating in 1952 he enlisted in the United States Navy and served his tenure. Upon returning he attended St. Mary’s University for both his bachelor's and master’s. In 1969 he accepted a position as a staff psychologist at the San Antonio State Hospital, first serving in the narcotic addict rehabilitation program. He retired in 1994 after 25 years as an associate clinical psychologist in Bonham Hall. Caldwell also helped found the San Antonio Free Clinic.
Content Abstract: This collection consists of material pertaining to Caldwell family reunions and Caldwell’s research into his own genealogy It chronicles Caldwell’s educational and professional experience focusing in on his time at the Department of Defense, the San Antonio Free Clinic, and the San Antonio State Hospital. It also contains files, commemorative material, and objects that detail his activists interests and recreational activities.

Citizens' Committee for the Completion of the North Expressway

Creator Abstract: The Citizens' Committee for the Completion of the North Expressway organized in San Antonio in 1971 as a group backing immediate completion of the North Expressway. The committee was comprised of nine members. E. Monroe Bibb was the Chairman of the Committee, which was sponsored by the nonprofit North Loop 410 Association. The committee sought to obtain the signatures of every San Antonio and Bexar County resident favoring resumption of freeway construction after a ten-year delay. By contacting local businesses and organizations, as well as publishing advertisements containing their petition, the Committee received 105,000 signatures.
Content Abstract: This collection is comprised of one scrapbook, compiled by the Citizens' Committee for the Completion of the North Expressway, and two undated photographs. The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings related to the Committee's efforts to see the completion of the North Expressway (North Loop 410) in San Antonio. The clippings document running totals of petition signatures received, the organizations that supported and opposed the construction and the Committee, additional delays in construction, and public opinion. The scrapbook also contains letters to Chairman E. Monroe Bibb. The photographs are untitled; one depicts men at a construction site wearing Texas Highway Department hard hats; the other is a photograph of the Texas Highway Department's Hall of Honor: Texas Road Hands.

Coleman, Eugene, Sutton, G.J. and Black, Rev. Claude W.

Creator Abstract: Eugene Coleman was a photojournalist who started his career in photography serving in the Air Force during World War II. An accomplished Civil Rights and community activist, Coleman co-founded SNAP magazine, and served as editor to publish news that was often neglected by mainstream media.
Content Abstract: The SNAP News Collection was received from SNAP co-founder Eugene Coleman, and contains two issues of the publication from 1955, several from 2009, and one from 2010. Oversized material consists of one large frame with photograph and SNAP covers .

Communities Organized for Public Service (San Antonio, Tex.) and Metro Alliance (San Antonio, Tex.)

Creator Abstract: Communities Organized for Public Service (COPS) is an organization of 26 parishes in the predominantly Hispanic, low-income West Side and South Side of San Antonio. Founded in 1974, it is the oldest of the Interfaith Area Foundation (IAF) organizations in Texas and, indeed, in the entire national network. The Metro Alliance, which shares office space and many resources with C.O.P.S., formed in 1989 through a merger of the East Side Alliance, composed of African American and Hispanic low- and lower-middle income churches, and the Metropolitan Congregational Alliance.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of news clippings, project files, reports, budgets, programs and general office files.

Community Alliance for a United San Antonio (CAUSA)

Creator Abstract:
Content Abstract: The Community Alliance for a United San Antonio (CAUSA) was formed in 2012 as a nonpartisan coalition of groups and individuals whose aim is to promote non-discrimination laws and policies within the City of San Antonio and Bexar County.

Duncan, Lucy E.and Zimmerman, Jill

Creator Abstract: Lucy E. Duncan and Jill Zimmerman met at Texas Woman's University around 1975. After leaving the university in 1979, they settled in San Antonio, Texas and began careers as professional librarians. Duncan and Zimmerman were very involved with the local women's community and were part of the WomanSpace Collective.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of 22 lesbian and feminist t-shirts and one cap.

Elder, Gene Wesley 1949 -

Creator Abstract: The Gene Elder papers document Elder's work as an artist, writer, and activist through journals, original works of art, exhibit materials, articles written by Elder, and correspondence. Personal papers and photographs augment Elder's professional materials. Other records document Elder's professional ventures at Blue Star Art Complex and as Archivist at the Happy Foundation Archives.
Content Abstract: Gene Elder is an artist, writer, and activist who moved to San Antonio, Texas in the 1970s and became an integral part of the city's art community.

Fahringer, Catherine 1922-2008

Creator Abstract: Catherine Fahringer (née Compton) gained local and national recognition as a full-time activist and author promoting the separation of church and state.
Content Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, newsletters, articles, essays, and awards documenting Catherine Fahringer’s efforts in promoting the separation of church and state. Specifically, the papers convey her role within the Freedom From Religion Foundation and its San Antonio chapter, Freethought Forum. The collection is divided into three series: Correspondence, Printed Material and Awards. Correspondence makes up the bulk of the collection and two additions consisting of personal and business correspondence, memos, some clippings, and newsletters.

Garcia, Arcenio A.

Creator Abstract: Arcenio A. Garcia was elected Mayor of Cotulla, Texas in 1972 as a member of the Raza Unida Party, becoming the first Mexican-American to serve as mayor of the city. He also won the 1974 election, but was removed from the position when the city council ruled that Mr. Garcia was living outside Cotulla at the time of the election. In 1976, Garcia was elected County Commissioner of Precinct #3 in La Salle County, Texas. In addition to his positions as Mayor and County Commissioner, Garcia was a member of Barrios Unidos, a public service organization, which he served as Chairperson and Public Official on the Board. He was also editor of the bulletin El Informador (The Informer).
Content Abstract: The collection documents Garcia's work as Chairperson of Barrios Unidos, Mayor of Cotulla and County Commissioner of Precinct #3 of La Salle County. It also includes general information related to the Raza Unida Party and Garcia as a member of the Democratic Party of Texas.

Garza, Fred R.

Creator Abstract: Fred R. Garza is a Chicano activist who lives in San Antonio, Texas. He has been active in organizations such as La Raza Unida Party, the Texas Farm Workers Union, and Teatro de los Barrios.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of cultural and political posters from the Chicano movement.

González, Bárbara Renaud, 1953-

Creator Abstract: Bárbara Renaud González is a free-lance writer, journalist, and activist. In recent years, she has devoted most of her time to her writing endeavors, recently having her book, Golondrina, Why Did You Leave Me? published. Her essays and articles have appeared in countless newspapers and magazines. She has appeared on television and radio, worked as a consultant and has been recognized on numerous occassions for her work as a writer and her civic involvement.
Content Abstract: Collection consists of Golondrina materials including manuscripts, chapters, notes, poetry, clippings, books, and other material used for research. Also included are columns and essays written by Gonzalez, journalism audio and video cassette tapes, floppy disks holding backups, correspondence, fliers and programs, and magazines.

Guajardo, Elena 1952 -

Creator Abstract: The Elena Guajardo papers document her campaign to win the District 7 seat on San Antonio's City Council in 2005 and subsequent re-election campaigns. The collection contains materials from her time on City Council as well as items that document Guajardo's involvement in community projects.
Content Abstract: Elena Guajardo became the first openly gay candidate to secure a place on San Antonio's City Council in 2005. She advocated for environmental protections, improved public services, and serving the needs of working class families.

Gutiérrez, José Angel

Creator Abstract: Dr. José Angel Gutiérrez was a leading Chicano activist and political leader in the 1960s and 1970s in Texas. He was also one of the co-founders of La Raza Unida political party that helped to raise public consciousness of Chicano civil rights issues.
Content Abstract: The papers consist of correspondence, reports, minutes, publications, articles, photographic materials, audio tapes, posters, and ephemera. These materials document the breadth of José Angel Gutiérrez's interests, research and social activism early in his career. The bulk of the materials document Gutiérrez's activities in Oregon during the 1980s.

Kretzschmar, Angelina.

Creator Abstract: Angelina Kretzschmar, a social activist and feminist, worked for the U.S. Army at Fort Sam Houston from 1974-1996. During her tenure at Fort Sam Houston, Kretzschmar filed serveral discrimination charges against management on behalf of herself and of the National Federation of Federal Employees Union-Local 28.
Content Abstract: The Angelina Kretzschmar Papers document discrimination cases (1989-1996) that Kretzschmar filed against management at Fort Sam Houston. Also included are records Kretzschmar collected as a member of more than fifteen local, regional, and national organizations. Materials that Kretzschmar amassed in the sixteen years as a community activist include correspondence, newsletters and other publications, brochures, pamphlets, campaign materials, government documents and other legislative materials, minutes, newspaper clippings, and ephemera. The papers also include materials related to events and projects she worked on as a social activist in the San Antonio area.

Laxton, Rosalie Hollenbeck, 1928-

Creator Abstract: Rosalie Laxton worked for 31 years in civil service with the Air Force, Army, Navy and NASA. She was a member and president of the Federally Employed Women, an active member of her church, and more recently, an artist and docent and the River Art Group and New Braunfels Art League.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of Rosalie Laxton's activities with the Federally Employed Women and her attendance at the International Women's Year / Conference on Women (Mexico City, 1975).

Man and Beast, Inc.

Creator Abstract: Man and Beast, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established to address animal welfare issues in San Antonio, Texas. The primary objective of the agency is to improve the quality of life for people and animals through a program of education and responsible action.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1968-2004 and includes letters, photographs, educational pamphlets, newspaper articles, financial documents, event planning documents, contracts, and surveys.

Martinez, Jaime

Creator Abstract: Jaime Martinez was a civil rights activist and labor union organizer in San Antonio, Texas.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of one scrapbook containing photographs and print materials.

McGowan, Michael

Creator Abstract: Michael McGowan resides in San Antonio and worked as an activist with the city's LGBTQ community. McGowan served on the board of directors of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center San Antonio (GLCCSA), as the Political Action Coordinator for the San Antonio Equal Rights Political Caucus (SAERPC), and as President of the San Antonio chapter of Log Cabin Republicans.
Content Abstract: The Entrapment Operations in San Antonio Parks Collection was brought together by Michael McGowan while serving on the board of directors of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center San Antonio. The collection is comprised of printed materials that chronicle entrapment operations of San Antonio police and park rangers in the city's parks. Also in the collection are records covering efforts by the Gay and Lesbian Community Center to stop entrapment actions and assist some of those arrested in park undercover operations. The collection has been arranged into the following series: correspondence, court records, Liberty Legal Defense Fund records, San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) records, newsclippings, and assorted materials.

Mexican American Business and Professional Women's Association of San Antonio

Creator Abstract: The Mexican American Business and Professional Women's Association of San Antonio (MABPW), was organized by Luz Escamilla in 1972. The organization works to promote the image of the Mexican American woman and advocate for working women through community outreach, education, activism, and scholarship programs.
Content Abstract: The collection documents the history, structure, function, activities, and events of the club through legal documents, minutes, correspondence, reports, financial records, planning materials, programs, newsletters, and photographs.

Mexican American Democrats of Texas.

Creator Abstract: In December 1975 Mexican American Democrats of Texas was formed to provide a formal structure to make gains for Mexican Americans in the Democratic Party.
Content Abstract: The records of the Mexican American Democrats of Texas (MAD) contain correspondence, minutes, clippings and other materials relating to the political and social activism of Eugene and Sylvia Rodriguez, charter members of MAD.

National Organization for Women. San Antonio Chapter.

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio chapter of the National Organization for Women (SANOW) was formed in 1970 and chartered on February 3, 1971. As it states in its by-laws, the purpose of SANOW is to promote the role and rights of women in the mainstream American society with the freedom from discrimination based on marital status, parenthood, and sexual preference. SANOW works towards this mission through a variety of political and educational activities.
Content Abstract: Newsletters, newspaper clippings, correspondence, legal documents, petitions and printed material document the activities and concerns of SANOW. Administrative records are few, most of the materials are related to feminist issues and causes pursued by the group.

National Organization for Women. Texas Chapter.

Creator Abstract: Texas NOW strives to eliminate discrimination and harassment in the work-place, schools, the justice system, and all other sectors of society; secure areproductive rights for all women; end all forms of violence against women; eradicate racism, sexism, and homophobia; promote equality and justice in our society.
Content Abstract: The Texas National Organization for Women records consists of correspondence, financial records, minutes, bylaws, newsletters, subject and project files, advertising and fundraising materials, membership records, various printed materials and videocassettes.

Peña, Albert.

Creator Abstract: Albert A. Peña was born on the west side of San Antonio on December 15, 1917. A self-proclaimed "Chicano Activist," Judge Peña has been actively involved in a wide range of liberal social causes, particularly in defending and advancing the rights of Mexican-Americans, throughout his legal and political career.
Content Abstract: This collection of papers reflects many of Judge Peña's interests and his involvement in local and national Democratic party politics. Although the collection dates from 1952-1977, the bulk of the materials cover Peña's tenure as Bexar County Commissioner from 1956-1972.

Phillips, Linda and Phillips, Cynthia

Creator Abstract: Linda and Cynthia Phillips were married in Dallas in 1958. Over the years, the couple became prominent within the transgender community of Central and South Texas. Linda and Cynthia also became affiliated with many transgender organizations. The most notable was the Boulton and Park Society of San Antonio, which the couple joined shortly after its formation in 1986. They also had a strong presence in the San Antonio community as the primary organizers of the Texas "T" Party, a Boulton and Park-sponsored event that became the largest annual convention for crossdressers in the nation. The Phillips gained national exposure in the early 1990s following their appearances on major television talk shows. Much of their time during the 1990s was dedicated to educating the public and other members of the transgender community on their experiences as a transgender couple.
Content Abstract: The Linda and Cynthia Phillips Papers document the couple's attempt to educate other transgender singles and couples based on experience gained in their own relationship. Additionally, the collection reflects the Phillips' active involvement in raising awareness of the transgender culture among the general population. Included are newsletters, articles, announcements, pamphlets, papers, magazines, and correspondence collected by the couple during the time of their association with the Boulton and Park Society. The materials are arranged in series by function, with Boulton and Park Society making up the bulk of the collection.

Prentiss, Martha

Creator Abstract: Martha Prentiss is an activist, artist, and actor in San Antonio, Texas.
Content Abstract: Collection consists of print materials, photographs, and ephemera documenting Prentiss' involvement with the LGBTQ community.

Riddle, Katharine P.

Creator Abstract: Katharine "Kittu" Riddle’s work has consisted of helping others, whether as a missionary, or serving on committees and boards, most of which were for women- and children-based programs or initiatives.
Content Abstract: The Katharine Riddle Papers consist of correspondence, printed materials, clippings, proposals, proofs, galley pages, programs, and newsletters. Of note are assorted publications and articles by Katharine Riddle.

Romo, Ricardo

Creator Abstract: The collection is comprised of contemporary Chicano art prints, photographs, and lithographs.
Content Abstract: Dr. Ricardo Romo and Dr. Harriett Romo are educators and avid collectors of art that represents the rich diversity of Latino culture .

Salas, Mario Marcel

Creator Abstract: Mario Marcel Salas was born in San Antonio, Texas on July 30, 1949. Salas became an advocate for San Antonio's African-American community in the early 1970s and was a key member of local activist groups such as the San Antonio chapter of the Student National Coordinating Committee, Organizations United for Eastside Development, Black Coalition on Mass Media, and Frontline 2000. He was elected to the City Council of San Antonio in 1997, where he served two full terms as Representative for District 2.
Content Abstract: The collections spans the years 1968 through 2016 and consists of materials spanning a wide range of Salas' interests. Items include photographs and publications, information about organizations, people, topics, and events of interest to Salas, such as revolutionary and progressive political movements in the U.S. and abroad, police brutality, and political prisoners.

San Antonio Lesbian and Gay Assembly (SALGA)

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Lesbian and Gay Assembly (SALGA), 1990-1998, was organized to bring together lesbian and gay organizations, businesses, and individuals to network for mutual support, share and disperse information, educate and serve the community as a whole and to promote the social welfare of, eliminate discrimination and prejudice against and defend the human and civil rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of board agendas and minutes, by-laws and membership information, correspondence, Conference documents, Gay Pride Picnic planning materials, magazines, news clippings and newsletters.

Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (U.S.)

Creator Abstract: In 1974, William C. Velásquez established the Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project (SVREP) in San Antonio, Texas. At this time, San Antonio was the country's largest Latino-majority city. SVREP's mission is to empower Latinos and other minorities by increasing their participation in the American democratic process. SVREP is responsible for conducting thousands of voter registration drives. These events have registered over two million Latino voters, and they allow individuals to play an active role in their community through education and training. The Southwest Voter Research Institute (SVRI) was established in 1984 in conjunction with SVREP. SVRI’s mission is to conduct in-depth research in order to provide the public and Latino leaders with relevant information concerning the political opinions and behavior of Latinos. SVREP and the SVRI worked both collaboratively and independently, and they played an essential role in Latino voter mobilization and participation.
Content Abstract: The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project collection is separated into nine series: Organizational Files, Department Files, Publication and Writings, Projects, Artifacts and Ephemera, Photographic Materials, Electronic and Audio Visual Materials, Outside Publications, and Maps. These series pertain to the history and growth of the organization. Each series may or may not have materials from both SVEP and SVRI. At one point the two organizations operated in the same space and often shared files. Each series will indicate what material belongs to which organization. If none are listed, it can be assumed that both SVREP and SVRI contributed and/or used the material because no organization was listed on the document.

Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio (SDSA)

Creator Abstract: The Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio Records document the activities, events, and meetings of the Board of Directors and general membership. The records are comprised of correspondence, event materials, financial records, meeting minutes, planning documents, and assorted print materials.
Content Abstract: The Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio's mission is to participate in political activities that create a strong and effective voice for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities in local and state policy decisions.

Texas Lesbian Conference

Creator Abstract: The Texas Lesbian Conference was begun in 1988 as a way for lesbians to network, learn and share. The yearly conference was begun by a small group of women in Dallas, Texas. Over the years the conference featured speakers and workshops on coming out, dating, network building, maintaining relationships, health issues, political activism, spirituality, legal issues, and financial matters.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection documents the yearly conferences and consists of correspondence, marketing materials, notes, questionnaires, programs, and research materials.

University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Ephemera Collection is an artificial collection created by UTSA Special Collections.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of printed materials related to the culture, history, and people of San Antonio.

University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Black History Collection is an artifical collection created by UTSA Special Collections.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of printed materials that reflect African-American life in San Antonio in the 20th century. Many materials come from San Antonio funeral homes, schools, and churches. The collection has been arranged into the following series: businesses, churches, clubs and organizations, education, history, military, newspapers and magazines, and photographs.

University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Creator Abstract: Signs and related ephemera in the collections were created by a variety of members of the public and UTSA students who attended rallies and marches in the San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Austin areas. UTSA Special Collections made public requests for the donation of these materials.
Content Abstract: The collection consists mostly of hand made signs but also includes artist prints, a pink knitted hat, two buttons, a sticker, and a small amount of flyers.

University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Creator Abstract: The Zine Collection is an artificial collection assembled by UTSA Libraries Special Collections.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of over 250 zines, most of which originate from San Antonio and other locations in Texas.

University of Texas at San Antonio. Archives for Research on Women and Gender.

Creator Abstract: In 1997 the Center for the Study of Women and Gender (CSWG) and the Archives for Research on Women and Gender (ARWG) initiated an oral history project to go along with that year's Women's History Week then, which was "Telling Our Stories/Contando Nuestras Historias." Utilizing an advisory board , the CSWG and ARWG chose a select number of San Antonio women who have made significant contributions to the community.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of correspondence, biographical information, release forms, oral history recordings on audiocassette and interview transcripts. The interviews were conducted February through July of 1997.

University of Texas at San Antonio. College of Liberal and Fine Arts.

Creator Abstract: The College of Liberal and Fine Arts (COLFA) at the University of Texas at San Antonio was established in 2000, following a restructuring of the university. As of 2009, the college comprises eleven departments. The College of Liberal and Fine Arts Oral History Program provides an opportunity for select students to conduct original oral history research.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of correspondence, release forms, oral history recordings on audiocassette, and interview transcripts.

Vexler, Esther, 1918-2016

Creator Abstract: Esther Vexler, a native of San Antonio, was a yoga instructor and community volunteer. Esther Vexler did volunteer work with Jewish charities and was the first female president of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio. She also worked with the League of Women Voters and the Child Guidance Clinic, amongst others.
Content Abstract: Includes correspondence, memoranda, advertisements, clippings, newsletters, and reports; also included are meeting minutes, agendas, organizational lists, coursework, and Vexler's master's thesis.


Creator Abstract: WomanSpace was the longest continuously published women's community newsletter in San Antonio.
Content Abstract: The records consist mainly of newsletters, but also contain submissions to the newsletter and event planning materials.