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Anacacho Ranche

Creator Abstract: The Anacacho Ranche, located in Kinney and Maverick Counties, Texas, was a ranch run by a firm comprised of brothers Samuel Jones Woodhull, Josiah Townsend Woodhull and Oliver Jones Woodhull. The brothers were the sons of Josiah Woodhull, birthplace unknown, and Hannah Jones Woodhull, born on Long Island, New York, and settled in San Antonio. On the ranch, the brothers raised cattle, sheep and goats.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1875 through 1931 and reflects, chiefly through correspondence, the business dealings of the Woodhull brothers, as well as some aspects of their personal lives. The collection includes advertisements, bills-of-sale, correspondence, contracts, inventories, newspaper clippings, permits, receipts, and other administrative, legal and financial documents.

Brown and Lane Family

Creator Abstract: The Brown and Lane family included Isaac Newton Brown, Jeanie Valliant Autry Brown, Henry Denison Brown, Jeanie Valliant Brahan Brown, Martha Brown Storm, Elise Denison Brown Lane, Barton George Lane, Sr., Elise Lila Lane Grohe, Henry Lane, Dorothy Florence Lane Brennan, and Barton George Lane, Jr. These individuals represent four generations of the Brown and Lane family and their correspondence constitutes the bulk of the collection.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1803 through 2002 and includes correspondence between several generations of the family. The proliferation of correspondence demonstrates close ties between family members that were maintained over time and distance. Also included in the papers are Chi Omega sorority materials from Elise Denison Brown Lane, financial records, genealogy notebooks charts, and certificates, diplomas, and assorted materials.

Caldwell, Richard, 1934-2016

Creator Abstract: Richard Kenneth Caldwell (1934-2016) grew up on Cupples Road in the Edgewood community of San Antonio. He attended Edgewood elementary and junior schools and Brackenridge High School. After graduating in 1952 he enlisted in the United States Navy and served his tenure. Upon returning he attended St. Mary’s University for both his bachelor's and master’s. In 1969 he accepted a position as a staff psychologist at the San Antonio State Hospital, first serving in the narcotic addict rehabilitation program. He retired in 1994 after 25 years as an associate clinical psychologist in Bonham Hall. Caldwell also helped found the San Antonio Free Clinic.
Content Abstract: This collection consists of material pertaining to Caldwell family reunions and Caldwell’s research into his own genealogy It chronicles Caldwell’s educational and professional experience focusing in on his time at the Department of Defense, the San Antonio Free Clinic, and the San Antonio State Hospital. It also contains files, commemorative material, and objects that detail his activists interests and recreational activities.

Carter, Aline B.

Creator Abstract: Aline B. Carter is most widely known for her work as a poet, but she was also interested in music, art, philosophy and astronomy. Aline served as Poet Laureate of Texas from 1947-1949 and as vice-president of the Poetry Society of Texas. Aline was widely admired for her charity. She visited jails to comfort and encourage prisoners to practice religion in daily life.
Content Abstract: Correspondence, notebooks, diaries, newsclippings, photographs and a historical fiction manuscript documents the life of Aline B. Carter and five generations of her family. Included are a collection consisting of a series of letters documenting life in San Antonio as it was experienced and described by the Carter family from 1823-1970.

Chapa, Francisco A. Family

Creator Abstract: The Francisco A. Chapa family included Francisco A. Chapa, founder of Chapa Drug Company and La Botica de Leon (the Lion Drugstore); Adelaida Rivas Chapa, of the Rivas family, wife of Francisco A. Chapa; Frank L. Chapa, son of Francisco and Adelaida Chapa; Blanche Laborde, of the Laborde family, wife of Frank L. Chapa; Isabel and Beatrice Chapa, daughters of Francisco and Adelaida Chapa.
Content Abstract: The Francisco A. Chapa Family Papers consist of correspondence, drug store records, legal documents, military records, clippings, photographs, and assorted materials.

Davis, Lucy, 1914-2014

Creator Abstract: Lucy Justine Davis was a home economics teacher in Sinton and Hondo, Texas. She was an active historical researcher and member of her community.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1855-1902 and 1912-2009 and includes correspondence, photographs, books, print materials, clippings, legal documents, diaries, scrapbooks, home economics lesson plans and related material. Also in the collection is art by Lucy J. Davis's sister, Mary Octavia "Dutz" Davis, and assorted materials from her father, Fletcher Davis and sister Anne Davis.

Denman, Fannie Lee

Creator Abstract: Fannie Lee Denman was born in San Angelo on October 20, 1915. She married Leroy G. Denman, Jr. and moved to San Antonio, where she worked with volunteer organizations to improve San Antonio’s public health, cultural and educational institutions. Fannie Lee Denman died in on December 13, 2006.
Content Abstract: The Fannie Lee Denman papers consists of correspondence, photographs, genealogical and assorted materials.

Derry Family

Creator Abstract: The Derrys were an African American family who lived in San Antonio.
Content Abstract: This photo album contains 31 black and white photos of the Derry Family in San Antonio during the 1920s.

Douglass Family

Creator Abstract: The Douglass family of San Antonio, Texas, included Ray Keller Douglass, active member of the Scientific Society, the Open Forum, and the Shakespeare Club; her daughter, Vaughan Douglass, schoolteacher, active member of the San Antonio Historical Association, and San Antonio branch president of the American Association of University Women from 1947-1949; her son, Jack Douglass III, church volunteer; and his wife, Leota Scott Douglass, exhibiting artist.
Content Abstract: The Douglass Family Papers includes printed materials, programs, scrapbooks, clippings, brochures, household receipts, correspondence, yearbooks, curricula, art periodicals, postcards, maps, photographs, place cards, color lithographs, and assorted ephemera.

Giles, Alfred, 1853-1920

Creator Abstract: Born in Hillingdon, Middlesex, England, Alfred Giles took on an apprenticeship with the architectural firm of Giles and Bivens in London for two years before immigrating to the United States and eventually settling in Texas. By 1876, Giles had established his own architectural firm. As a prominent architect, Giles produced designs for over 90 structures.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1861-1955 and 1972-1989 and includes correspondence, cards, photographs, artwork by Giles, books, magazines, clippings, legal documents, diaries, and scrapbooks that relate to the Giles family, Hillingdon Ranch (Texas), and Alfred Giles work as an architect.

Gresham and Negley Families

Creator Abstract: The four generations of Gresham and Negley family members represented in this collection include William B. Negley, Susan Maria Jones Negley, William B. Negley, Richard Van Wyck Negley, Sr., William Walter Negley, Rose Gertrude Negley Gresham, Rupert Neely Gresham, Sr., Rupert Neely Gresham, Jr., and Susan Maria Jones Gresham Crudgington Davidge. Most family members lived and worked in San Antonio, Texas during the bulk of the 20th century.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1845 through 2003 (with the bulk of materials dating 1885-1917 and includes correspondence between four generations of family members, photographs, business papers, household receipts, postcard albums, and scrapbooks. Collectively these papers show the family ties that the family maintained over more than 100 years, as well as social and business relationships that the family maintained in San Antonio.

Hicks Family

Creator Abstract:
Content Abstract: The Hicks Family Papers consist of items from four women: Lesli Hicks, Martha Hicks, Mrs. J.R. Beane, and Adelaide Woodlee. Materials include correspondence, photographs, correspondene course materials and an oral history interview.

Huerta, Eulalio, 1907-1988. Huerta, Petra, 1908-1999.

Creator Abstract: Born in Laredo, Texas, Petra de Leon moved to San Antonio as a young girl where she graduated from Brackenridge High School. She married Eulalio Huerto and had 3 children.
Content Abstract: The collection is comprised of correspondence, receipts, articles and assorted ephemera.

Negley, Laura Burleson, 1890-1973

Creator Abstract: Laura Burleson Negley was the first woman from Bexar County elected to the Texas legislature. Richard Negley founded Negley Paint Company and was director of Alamo National Bank in San Antonio. The couple had 3 sons, two of whom lost their lives in World War II.
Content Abstract: The collection primarily consists of correspondence between Laura Burleson Negley and her immediate family members. These papers show the social and business ties that the family maintained in San Antonio, and illustrate the etiquette and social customs of the time. The papers also personalize the war experience (WWII) and its impact on families in San Antonio.

Nolte, Eugene Sr. 1869-1933

Creator Abstract: Eugene Nolte, Sr. was also a successful businessman in the community of Seguin. He served as President of both the Merchants Ice and Cold Storage Company and the Seguin Milling and Power Company. He also succeeded his father as head of the banking firm E. Nolte and Sons, one of the earliest banking firms in Seguin.Eugene "Mike" Nolte, Jr., like his father, was a powerful voice in the Republican Party and a prosperous businessman.
Content Abstract: This collection consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings and photographs. Most of the material is from Eugene Nolte Sr.'s years as Republican State Executive Committee Chairman from 1921 to 1933. Eugene Nolte Jr. is also prominent in the collection. In addition to Republican Party activities, the material also documents the business and other activities of the Nolte family in the community of Seguin Texas.

Redford, James.

Creator Abstract: The Redford family moved from Canada to the Texas Hill Country in 1877.
Content Abstract: These diaries contain a regular entries regarding weather conditions and community matters.

Riegler Family

Creator Abstract: Henry and Julia Riegler (formerly Furtner) owned the Riegler Ice Cream Company, and later, the Riegler Confectionery Company in downtown San Antonio. This business was later maintained in part by Julia's daughter, Lillian Utley.
Content Abstract: Collection is comprised of family correspondence, business papers, and photographs.

Shaver Family

Creator Abstract: Dr. Benjamin Borroum Shaver, son of Lillie Terrell Shaver, was born in San Marcos, Texas, on June 17, 1914. The Shaver family moved to San Antonio when Benjamin Shaver turned twelve years old. Dr. Shaver was still a practicing physician at age 90 at the NABI Biomedical Center in San Antonio.
Content Abstract: The collection comprises a photograph album, a 1932 San Antonio Junior College yearbook, two loose photographs, and an invitation for a dance at the New York University gymnasium, dated 1903.

Steinfeldt, John Mathias

Creator Abstract: John Mathias Steinfeldt, known as the Dean of Texas Pianists, was a composer, pianist and organist and a Master-teacher. In San Antonio, he served as organist at the First Baptist church, San Fernando Cathedral and at Temple Beth-El. Steinfeldt gave lessons and encouraged the study of music throughout his career. He was president of the San Antonio College of Music, which he founded in 1920. He had four children with wife Vivia May Steinfeldt: Cecile, John Jr., Robert and Eric. Cecile and John Jr. were also accomplished musicians and taught for a few years at the San Antonio College of Music.
Content Abstract: Music scores, correspondence and scrapbooks, which contain clippings and other ephemera. The material, most of which dates from 1900-1954, documents events in the career and personal life of John M. Steinfeldt. The collection includes some of his musical compositions, including published works, drafts, sketches and fragments of his work. Some material also concerns the activities of his wife and children, particularly those of his daughter Cecile.

Swearingen, Winifred, 1868-1938 and Swearingen, Patrick Henry, 1865-1919.

Creator Abstract: Winifred Swearingen was a co-founder of the San Antonio Woman's Club in 1898 and involved in other San Antonio organization. Patrick Swearingen was a prominent attorney in San Antonio, with business in south Texas and Mexico.
Content Abstract: This collection is composed entirely of correspondence. The bulk of the correspondence is between Winifred McCraw and Patrick Henry Swearingen, but there are also letters from other family members and friends.

Unknown Creator

Creator Abstract: Anecdotal evidence suggests that the creator of this album was a teacher in or near Del Rio, Texas.
Content Abstract: Collection consists of one photograph album, circa 1914-1923. Photographs include landscapes of Del Rio, Texas and Mexico, as well as family photographs from vacations and military service

Watters, Curtis Fisher, 1893-1982.

Creator Abstract: The Curtis Fisher Watters Papers document the life of an independent Texas woman and four generations of her family and friends through photographs, scrapbooks, books, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and ephemera.
Content Abstract: Curtis Fisher Watters raised 3 daughters on her own in early 20th century Texas and was one of the first Certified Medial Records Librarians in the state.

Woodhull, John Frost

Creator Abstract: John Frost Woodhull was a San Antonian and the great-grandson of Thomas C. Frost.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of documents containing information about John Frost Woodhull’s youth.

Worsham Family.

Creator Abstract: Israel Worsham lived in Montgomery County in the Republic of Texas, served in the Texas legislature (1855-1856) and the Montgomery County Home Guard during the Civil War. In 1867, he wrote the description of Montgomery County for the Texas Almanac.
Content Abstract: The collection contains papers of Israel Worsham and his immediate family, and those of his great-great-granddaughter, Ella K. Daggett Stumpf, which deal with her research on Israel Worsham. Israel Worsham's papers, which are largely financial, are divided into seven series: Correspondence, Slave Sales, Financial Records, Political Involvement, Military and Veteran Records, Employment Agreements with Freedmen, Council of Laborers, and Election Administration Records. The papers of Jeremiah Worsham and other family members are correspondence.