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Caldwell, Richard, 1934-2016

Creator Abstract: Richard Kenneth Caldwell (1934-2016) grew up on Cupples Road in the Edgewood community of San Antonio. He attended Edgewood elementary and junior schools and Brackenridge High School. After graduating in 1952 he enlisted in the United States Navy and served his tenure. Upon returning he attended St. Mary’s University for both his bachelor's and master’s. In 1969 he accepted a position as a staff psychologist at the San Antonio State Hospital, first serving in the narcotic addict rehabilitation program. He retired in 1994 after 25 years as an associate clinical psychologist in Bonham Hall. Caldwell also helped found the San Antonio Free Clinic.
Content Abstract: This collection consists of material pertaining to Caldwell family reunions and Caldwell’s research into his own genealogy It chronicles Caldwell’s educational and professional experience focusing in on his time at the Department of Defense, the San Antonio Free Clinic, and the San Antonio State Hospital. It also contains files, commemorative material, and objects that detail his activists interests and recreational activities.

Caragonne, Alexander.

Creator Abstract: Alexander Caragonne was an architect who co-founded the San Antonio-based firm Reyna/Caragonne Architects. He was also an author and educator who taught throughout his career.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of architectural plans, photographs, slides, manuscripts, and assorted print materials.

Carmen M. Charneco

Creator Abstract: Carmen Ma. Charneco was a high school student at Escuela Superior de Aguadilla.
Content Abstract: Collection consists of one sewing portfolio with examples of stitching and embroidery.

Carter, Aline B.

Creator Abstract: Aline B. Carter is most widely known for her work as a poet, but she was also interested in music, art, philosophy and astronomy. Aline served as Poet Laureate of Texas from 1947-1949 and as vice-president of the Poetry Society of Texas. Aline was widely admired for her charity. She visited jails to comfort and encourage prisoners to practice religion in daily life.
Content Abstract: Correspondence, notebooks, diaries, newsclippings, photographs and a historical fiction manuscript documents the life of Aline B. Carter and five generations of her family. Included are a collection consisting of a series of letters documenting life in San Antonio as it was experienced and described by the Carter family from 1823-1970.

Carter, Emma Martin.

Creator Abstract: Emma Martin Carter was the founder of the Federation Church Women in San Antonio in 1920. She was founding president of the Women's Democratic Club of Bexar County and National Democratic Delegate to the 1924 DNC in New York. Carter was also a member of the Alamo Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Albert Sidney Johnston chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Daughters of the American Colonists and the Rebekah Lodge.
Content Abstract: The collection the years 1896-1957 and consists of correspondence, scrapbook materials, newsclippings, and materials on the 1924 Democratic National Convention.

Castleberry, Mary Ann Blocker, 1924-1995.

Creator Abstract: Mary Ann Blocker Castleberry was a proponent of historic preservation efforts in Texas and San Antonio. She served in leadership roles on the Board of Directors of the Texas Heritage Council, the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, and the San Antonio Conservation Society.
Content Abstract: This collection consists of historical preservation materials and files related to Texas.

Chapa, Francisco A. Family

Creator Abstract: The Francisco A. Chapa family included Francisco A. Chapa, founder of Chapa Drug Company and La Botica de Leon (the Lion Drugstore); Adelaida Rivas Chapa, of the Rivas family, wife of Francisco A. Chapa; Frank L. Chapa, son of Francisco and Adelaida Chapa; Blanche Laborde, of the Laborde family, wife of Frank L. Chapa; Isabel and Beatrice Chapa, daughters of Francisco and Adelaida Chapa.
Content Abstract: The Francisco A. Chapa Family Papers consist of correspondence, drug store records, legal documents, military records, clippings, photographs, and assorted materials.

Charity Ball Association of San Antonio

Creator Abstract: The Charity Ball Association of San Antonio is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1954 to raise money by means of an annual ball to benefit not-for-profit children's organizations in Bexar County, Texas. Revenue for the chosen children's charities is derived from four sources: dues of the sponsors, profits from the Ball, sales from raffles of prizes that have been donated to the Ball and profits from Rotogravures.
Content Abstract: The collection includes organizational histories, invitations, Rotogravures, menu/programs and photographs documenting the Charity Ball Association of San Antonio from its beginning in 1954. The bulk of the materials document the Association's annual Chrysanthemum Ball.

Christal, Tom

Creator Abstract: Created in memory of Charles "Cho" Seifert, who once said "I have never met a tequila I didn't like," this collection gives insight into the origins, development, commercialization, use, and historical significance of alcoholic spirits in Mexico.
Content Abstract: Contains photographs and printed ephemera related to the production of Mexican spirits.

Church Women United in San Antonio, Texas

Creator Abstract: Church Women United in San Antonio, Texas is an ecumenical community of Christian women working as a unit of the national Church Women United organization, a “racially, culturally, theologically inclusive Christian women’s movement, celebrating unity in diversity and working for a world of peace and justice.” Church Women United in San Antonio is also active in the state and Area 7 levels of the organization.
Content Abstract: Reports, minutes and proceedings, printed materials, scrapbooks, and photographs of Church Women United in San Antonio document its membership, history, organization, structure and activities on the local, area, state and national levels. The bulk of the material documents the organization and its work on the local level.

Church Women United in Texas

Creator Abstract: Church Women United in Texas is an ecumenical community of Christian women in Texas who accept the purpose of the movement as stated in its bylaws. Originally formed in 1934, today CWU in Texas is composed of individual members and local units throughout the state. It is also affiliated with the national organization of Church Women United.
Content Abstract: Reports, minutes, financial records, correspondence, printed materials, photographs, and scrapbook material document the organization, structure, and activities of Church Women United in Texas. The bulk of the collection documents executive board meetings, leadership council meetings, and the annual state meetings, from 1960-1999. However, also included in the collection are financial records, documentation of the state organization's work with local units, and scrapbook materials extending the knowledge and understanding of the state unit's history.

Church Women United in Texas Western Hills Unit

Creator Abstract: The Western Hills unit of Church Women United in Texas, an ecumenical community of Christian women, was organized in 1990 in the Texas hill country, northwest of Austin, Texas.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1990 through 2000 and includes reports, minutes, proceedings, printed material, and other printed and scrapbook material of the Western Hills Unit. Materials document the organization, structure, and activities of the unit, dating from its establishment in 1990 until its disbandment in 2000. The unit's participation in CWU's state and national projects is described in these materials, but the bulk of the material covers local activities.

Citizens' Committee for the Completion of the North Expressway

Creator Abstract: The Citizens' Committee for the Completion of the North Expressway organized in San Antonio in 1971 as a group backing immediate completion of the North Expressway. The committee was comprised of nine members. E. Monroe Bibb was the Chairman of the Committee, which was sponsored by the nonprofit North Loop 410 Association. The committee sought to obtain the signatures of every San Antonio and Bexar County resident favoring resumption of freeway construction after a ten-year delay. By contacting local businesses and organizations, as well as publishing advertisements containing their petition, the Committee received 105,000 signatures.
Content Abstract: This collection is comprised of one scrapbook, compiled by the Citizens' Committee for the Completion of the North Expressway, and two undated photographs. The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings related to the Committee's efforts to see the completion of the North Expressway (North Loop 410) in San Antonio. The clippings document running totals of petition signatures received, the organizations that supported and opposed the construction and the Committee, additional delays in construction, and public opinion. The scrapbook also contains letters to Chairman E. Monroe Bibb. The photographs are untitled; one depicts men at a construction site wearing Texas Highway Department hard hats; the other is a photograph of the Texas Highway Department's Hall of Honor: Texas Road Hands.

Coleman, Eugene, Sutton, G.J. and Black, Rev. Claude W.

Creator Abstract: Eugene Coleman was a photojournalist who started his career in photography serving in the Air Force during World War II. An accomplished Civil Rights and community activist, Coleman co-founded SNAP magazine, and served as editor to publish news that was often neglected by mainstream media.
Content Abstract: The SNAP News Collection was received from SNAP co-founder Eugene Coleman, and contains two issues of the publication from 1955, several from 2009, and one from 2010. Oversized material consists of one large frame with photograph and SNAP covers .

Communities Organized for Public Service (San Antonio, Tex.) and Metro Alliance (San Antonio, Tex.)

Creator Abstract: Communities Organized for Public Service (COPS) is an organization of 26 parishes in the predominantly Hispanic, low-income West Side and South Side of San Antonio. Founded in 1974, it is the oldest of the Interfaith Area Foundation (IAF) organizations in Texas and, indeed, in the entire national network. The Metro Alliance, which shares office space and many resources with C.O.P.S., formed in 1989 through a merger of the East Side Alliance, composed of African American and Hispanic low- and lower-middle income churches, and the Metropolitan Congregational Alliance.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of news clippings, project files, reports, budgets, programs and general office files.

Community Alliance for a United San Antonio (CAUSA)

Creator Abstract: The Community Alliance for a United San Antonio (CAUSA) was formed in 2012 as a nonpartisan coalition of groups and individuals whose aim is to promote non-discrimination laws and policies within the City of San Antonio and Bexar County.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of electronic records, print materials, audio visual materials, and artifacts.

Cook, Morris

Creator Abstract: Morris Cook was a bookseller in Austin, Texas. James Frank Dobie was an American folklorist, writer, and newspaper columnist known for many books depicting the richness and traditions of life in rural Texas during the days of the open range. The Morris Cook Collection of J. Frank Dobie Materials is a collection of materials by or about the Texas writer J. Frank Dobie.
Content Abstract: The collection incorporates magazines, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, notes and letters from Dobie spanning the years 1916 to 1988.

Cortez, Eugenio.

Creator Abstract: The Cortez family moved from San Diego, Texas to San Antonio, Texas.
Content Abstract: The collection predominantly consists of 30 photographs documenting landmarks in San Diego, Texas and San Antonio, Texas as well as Eugenio Cortez's family members.

Council of Research and Academic Libraries.

Creator Abstract: Dr. Harold Vagtborg, President of Southwest Foundation for Research and Education, created the Council of Research and Academic Libraries of San Antonio (CORAL Union) in the hope of forming a community of libraries that would share information and research materials to help the scholarly public. CORAL Union was founded on 13 December 1966; and at that time, the consortium included: Incarnate Word College, Our Lady of the Lake University, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio College, San Antonio Library, Southwest Research Institute, Southwest Foundation for Research and Education, Trinity University, and the University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio. These charter members carried out the mission of CORAL—to share sources—by creating the first union list of sources.
Content Abstract: The CORAL Union Records consist of administrative records, financial records, memorandums, correspondence, newsletters, and grant documents. The collection dates span from 1966 to 2005. There are five series, which are: Administrative Documents, Financial Documents, Grants, Special Interest Groups, and Publications.