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Salas, Mario Marcel

Creator Abstract: Mario Marcel Salas was born in San Antonio, Texas on July 30, 1949. Salas became an advocate for San Antonio's African-American community in the early 1970s and was a key member of local activist groups such as the San Antonio chapter of the Student National Coordinating Committee, Organizations United for Eastside Development, Black Coalition on Mass Media, and Frontline 2000. He was elected to the City Council of San Antonio in 1997, where he served two full terms as Representative for District 2.
Content Abstract: The collections spans the years 1968 through 2016 and consists of materials spanning a wide range of Salas' interests. Items include photographs and publications, information about organizations, people, topics, and events of interest to Salas, such as revolutionary and progressive political movements in the U.S. and abroad, police brutality, and political prisoners.

Salinas, Daniel, 1921-1999.

Creator Abstract: Daniel Salinas was one of the first Mexican-Americans to enlist in the Army Air Force in 1942, at the age of 21. After completion of his military training he was sent to Italy where he flew 76 missions during World War II. Upon returning to the United States he married Ana Maria Salinas and moved to San Antonio, Texas; they lived there for a short time before returning to Laredo, Texas. After moving back to Laredo, Daniel Salinas worked for his uncle at Salinas Department Store. He eventually went on to open his own store, Salinas Variety Store. He also worked as an accountant for three firms in Laredo.
Content Abstract: The Daniel Salinas Papers span the years 1937-1999 (with the bulk of the materials dating 1943-1945) and is comprised of military and personal papers. Materials include photographs, correspondence, training manuals, government documents, yearbooks, obituary notices, newspaper clippings, postcards, records of business transactions, and a Certificate of Baptism.

San Antonio 100

Creator Abstract: San Antonio 100 (SA100) is an organization established in 1984 by seven San Antonio women who participated in the 1983 pilot program of Leadership Texas, a forum designed to prepare women for the reponsibilties of leadership at all levels of public service. The purpose of SA100 is to establish and maintain a membership of at least 100 professional, social, and community women leaders dedicated to making a positive impact upon San Antonio.
Content Abstract: The records consist of correspondence, memos, minutes, reports, printed material, financial material, newspaper clippings, photographs, and ephemera documenting the foundation, daily function, and monthly meetings of this San Antonio women's organization.

San Antonio and Casino Clubs

Creator Abstract: The Casino Association, San Antonio's first social club, was formed in 1854 and incorporated in 1857. It was formed to promote cultural and literary activities in the city. At the same time, the club was to provide a place of social communication between members. Membership was initially limited to ethnic German men but commissioned U.S. military officers in San Antonio had a standing invitation to be guests at the club. Over time, the membership of the club broadened but the Casino Association was where the elite of San Antonio's German community gathered. Prominent members of the club included Conrad A. Goeth and Albert and Ernst Steves. Much of the club's early business and conversation was conducted in German. In 1925, the Casino Association was consolidated with the San Antonio Club, a literary society formed in 1882. Together the clubs formed the San Antonio and Casino Clubs, also known as the San Antonio-Casino Club. The San Antonio-Casino Club was dissolved around 1950.
Content Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, articles of incorporation, account books, mortgage notes, financial and legal records, and guest lists, which document the activities of the members and officers of the San Antonio and Casino Clubs. The correspondence and the activities of long time Club President Conrad A. Goeth (also a San Antonio attorney and Judge) are well documented here.

San Antonio Area Council of Girl Scouts

Creator Abstract: Founded in 1924, the San Antonio Area Council of Girl Scouts serves girls in twenty-one counties in the San Antonio area.
Content Abstract: The records of San Antonio Area Council of Girl Scouts document the organization through correspondence, minutes, reports, photographs, scrapbooks and printed materials, including several issues of the group's magazine, Scout About. The materials present a glimpse of general business activities carried out by board and committee members. In this respect, the records show major changes that occurred within the organization over time. The collection also offers information on the council's programs and activities, which include events in San Antonio, and camp activities in the surrounding area.

San Antonio Area Retired Teachers Association.

Creator Abstract: Founded in 1952, San Antonio Area Retired Teachers Association (SAARTA) is an organization for retired public school and higher education employees. SAARTA is part of the Texas Retired Teacher Association, which advocates for the pension benefits and well-being of education retirees.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of meeting minutes and financial records, in the form of Treasurer's Reports. Also present are newsletters, handbooks and scrapbooks.

San Antonio Bar Auxiliary

Creator Abstract: San Antonio Bar Auxiliary, a component of the San Antonio Bar Association, awards annual scholarships to law students and legal assistants, gives tours of the courthouse to schools and other groups, and conducts a Courthouse Appreciation Project.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of minutes, reports, correpondence, newsletters and event planning materials.

San Antonio Chapter of Hadassah

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Chapter of Hadassah is a non-profit Zionist organization supporting the improvement of health services in the Jewish homeland of Israel. The San Antonio organization also seeks to educate Americans on Jewish traditions and culture.
Content Abstract: The collection contains histories, minutes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, printed material, yearbooks, newsletters, scrapbooks, photographs, and sound recordings. Together, the records document the local chapter's organizational history.

San Antonio Council for the Cooperation of Engineering and Scientific Societies

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Council for the Cooperation of Engineering and Scientific Societies (SACCESS) is a forum to facilitate communication and coordination between local chapters of engineering and scientific professional societies.
Content Abstract: This collection consists of correspondence, programs, meeting minutes, fliers, photographs and assorted printed material.

San Antonio Council of Presidents, Inc.

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Council of Presidents is an organization of presidents from a variety of non-profit and civic organizations within the city of San Antonio who meet monthly to share information.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of membership applications, membership cards, membership directories, meeting records and historical files.

San Antonio Express-News

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Express-News has the longest history of continuous publication among the English-language newspapers of San Antonio.
Content Abstract: The original negatives archived in this collection chronicle the history of San Antonio from 1943 to 1990 through the eyes of the San Antonio Express-News' staff photographers. Popular topics include civil-rights campaigns, political campaigns, and holiday celebrations. This collection is made up of approximately 800,000 images.

San Antonio Fair, Inc.

Creator Abstract: San Antonio Fair, Inc., incorporated in December 1962 to formally organize the planning, fundraising and designing of HemisFair '68 (the 1968 World's Fair) in San Antonio, Texas.
Content Abstract: The records of the San Antonio Fair, Inc., document the planning, lobbying, financing and construction of HemisFair '68. The records consist of correspondence, meeting minutes, committee reports, financial records, newspaper and magazine articles, press releases, photographic materials, blueprints, maps and plats, artwork, oral history interview transcripts, scrapbooks of clippings and ephemera, and audiovisual materials (film and sound recordings). Most of the records predate the opening of the fair.

San Antonio Founders Day.

Creator Abstract: San Antonio Founders Day mission is to honor the more than 20 cultural groups and outstanding individuals who shaped our San Antonio heritage and to stimulate interest in reading and learning about our history and heritage in the context of the history of Texas, the nation and the world.
Content Abstract: The bulk of this collection consists of articles, brochures, correspondence, fund-raising materials, and programs.

San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is the oldest organization of its type in the United States, having been originally chartered by five local businessmen from Bexar County as the Mexican Chamber of Commerce on May 31, 1929. Its purpose was to encourage and promote trade and cultural relations between San Antonio and Mexico, to disseminate data and information relevant to the San Antonio business community, and to provide technical assistance to the business community in the form of seminars, workshops, and trade shows. In 1987 the Mexican Chamber was renamed the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. In the early 1990's the Hispanic Chamber was recognized as a critical component in negotiating the many compromises which made NAFTA possible. In recent years the chamber's role has broadened to include advocacy on behalf of small, minority- and woman-owned businesses.
Content Abstract: The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Records include materials that reflect the history, work and policies of the Chamber between 1931 and 2008. Documents include correspondence, membership directories, yearbooks, bylaws, newspaper clippings, press releases, newsletters, photographs, meeting notes, reports, DVD's, a plaque, and scrapbooks.

San Antonio Junior Forum

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Junior Forum was a private, nonprofit service and welfare organization, in San Antonio from 1959 to 1999. San Antonio Junior Forum, founded in 1961, is a private, nonprofit service and welfare organization that contributes to the San Antonio community. Members volunteer for local service projects, learn about new projects, are knowledgeable of area needs, and help raise funds that are distributed to charities and other organizations in the San Antonio area. Their other notable project is creation and sales of two cookbooks: Celebrate San Antonio and Clean Your Plate: Dishes for Every Occasion. Profits allow the San Antonio Junior Forum to purchase equipment, supplies, and other items for local charities and welfare organizations. They also allow SAJF to provide scholarships to area San Antonio high school students who plan to continue their education at a college or university.
Content Abstract: The records consist of correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, articles of incorporation, bylaws, newsletters, financial materials, invitations, policies and procedures, officer and committee information, membership lists, photographs, and yearbooks and are grouped into four series: Administrative, Fundraising, Service and Welfare, and addition of November 2008 (Acc. 2008-067) .

San Antonio Lesbian and Gay Assembly (SALGA)

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Lesbian and Gay Assembly (SALGA), 1990-1998, was organized to bring together lesbian and gay organizations, businesses, and individuals to network for mutual support, share and disperse information, educate and serve the community as a whole and to promote the social welfare of, eliminate discrimination and prejudice against and defend the human and civil rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of board agendas and minutes, by-laws and membership information, correspondence, Conference documents, Gay Pride Picnic planning materials, magazines, news clippings and newsletters.

San Antonio Mother's Service Organization

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Mother's Service Organization was formed in 1945 to curb juvenile delinquency and positively affect youth through cooperation between the home and the community. The organization was the first African American group of Christian women to get a state charter for a local club. Activities of the group included four annual events: Fellowship Dinner, Pink Tea, Annual Sit-In, and a musical. The organization has contributed to and supported several charities.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1945 through 1998 and includes legal documents, correspondence, event programs, membership rosters, minutes, newsclippings, newsletters, and a scrapbook. The collection documents the membership, fundraising activities, and functions of the San Antonio Mother's Service Organization.

San Antonio Music Teachers Association.

Creator Abstract: Founded in 1915, professionalism and quality teaching have continued to be the purpose of the San Antonio Music Teachers Association for over eight decades.
Content Abstract: The San Antonio Music Teachers Association records include administration materials, correspondence, financial records, convention materials, awards, publications, programs, gavel, plaque, yearbooks and one photograph and a negative.

San Antonio Performing Arts Association

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Performing Arts Association was a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to the presentation of outstanding national and international dance, theatre and music.
Content Abstract: The bulk of this collection documents the events and performances that the association organized and staged through correspondence, planning materials, photographs, promotional materials, programs, clippings and assorted ephemera.

San Antonio Rifle Association

Creator Abstract: Founded in 1857 as a rifle club, the San Antonio Schuetzen Verein (directly translated as San Antonio Shooting Club), held target shooting matches in the rural communities around the San Antonio area.
Content Abstract: The collection comprises 9 ledgers, dating 1891 to 1917, detailing the results of the shooting matches held in towns in the San Antonio area, as well as information regarding dues paid by the different communities' gun clubs.

San Antonio River Authority.

Creator Abstract: Formed in 1937 by the Texas State Legislature, the San Antonio River Authority (SARA) conserves and protects the water supply in the San Antonio River basin in Bexar, Goliad, Karnes, and Wilson counties and manages flood control.
Content Abstract: The San Antonio River Authority records consist of reports, project materials, correspondence, maps, surveys, minutes and newsletters. Also included are newspaper clippings, photographs and theses.

San Antonio Water Works Company.

Creator Abstract: The original contract of the San Antonio Water Works Company was given to Jean Baptiste La Coste and associates on April 3, 1877. The company was to supply the City of San Antonio with water using the San Antonio River as a source.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection is financial records. Also included is a deed dated March 12, 1878.

San Antonio Women's Celebration and Hall of Fame

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Women's Celebration and Hall of Fame was established in 1984 by the Texas Governor's Commission for Women and is now known simply as the San Antonio Women's Hall of Fame. In addition to honoring outstanding women each year, the organization awards scholarships to high school and college students.
Content Abstract: The San Antonio Women's Celebration and Hall of Fame Records consist of administrative records, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, printed materials, and a time capsule. The collection documents the everyday business of the organization from its inception in 1984 to 2008.

San Antonio Women's Chamber of Commerce

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio Women's Chamber of Commerce (SAWCC) is an affiliate of the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Texas (WCCT), the first state statewide women's chamber of commerce in the United States. Like the WCCT the SAWCC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote growth and economic development of women and to achieve the integration of women into leadership roles within the social, political, and economic structures of the public and private spheres of society.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of board records, and documents related to projects, programs, and issues of concern. There is also a small section devoted to peripheral information about the larger state organization. The largest portion of the records in this collection are devoted to the organization's various programs and issues of concern such as providing women access to leadership roles within the social and political communities of San Antonio. Ephemera and videocassettes are also included in the collection.

San Antonio Women's Credit Union.

Creator Abstract: Founded in 1975, the San Antonio Women's Credit Union works to establish savings and good credit rations for financially struggling women in San Antonio.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, minutes, policies and reports.

Santos, John Phillip.

Creator Abstract: John Phillip Santos is a producer, journalist and author whose work examines intersecting concerns of media, culture, and identity. He was a program officer at the Ford Foundation and has produced over forty broadcast documentaries on culture, religion, politics and spirituality for CBS News. He is the author of Places Left Unfinished at the Time of Creation, which was nominated for the National Book Award in 1999, and The Farthest Home is in an Empire of Fire.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the materials include research notebooks, edited manuscripts (drafts for publication), reviews, clippings, and audiovisual materials including video tapes and sound recordings.

Santos, Yolanda.

Creator Abstract: Dr. Santos’ educational background includes a doctoral degree in Public Health from the U.T. Health Science Center, School of Public Health in Houston; and graduate Social Work degree from Our Lady of the Lake University, Worden School of Social Service.
Content Abstract: This is a collection of books, scholarly articles, professional papers--published and unpublished--and poetry, related to issues of mental and physical health of Mexican Americans (or Chicanos), particularly women (or Chicanas).

Schott, Linda.

Creator Abstract: Linda Kay Schott was an Associate Professor of History and American Studies, and Director of the Center for the Study of Women and Gender, at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). Schott was the driving force behind the establishment of the Archives for Research on Women and Gender at UTSA, now the UTSA Library's Archives and Special Collections Department. Before coming to UTSA, Schott worked as a history and humanities instructor at Southwest Texas State University and Texas Lutheran University. She is the author of Reconstructing Women's Thoughts: the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom before World War II.
Content Abstract: The collection chiefly includes writings and teaching materials, with some personal items. Writings include Schott's dissertation, as well as numerous scholarly articles and a book manuscript pertaining to American history, with an emphasis on women's history. Teaching materials primarily document Schott's positions at Texas Lutheran University and Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) and include Schott's notes, syllabi, articles, and general curriculum information. Personal items comprise correspondence, school papers, and newspaper clippings.

Schriever Institute.

Creator Abstract: The Schriever Institute is a very small, non-profit, tax exempt Technology assessment and educational organization.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of correspondence, reports, publications, presentations, transparencies, briefings and photographs.

Serie Print Project

Creator Abstract: This Austin-based, non-profit organization provides one to two weeks of free housing, serigraphy instruction, and use of serigraphy equipment for ten to fifteen artists per year. It was founded by printmaker Sam Coronado in 1993, and takes place at Coronado Studio in Austin, Texas.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of 251 serigraphy prints made by over 200 artists during their participation in the Serie Print Project between 1993 and 2010.

Shaver Family

Creator Abstract: Dr. Benjamin Borroum Shaver, son of Lillie Terrell Shaver, was born in San Marcos, Texas, on June 17, 1914. The Shaver family moved to San Antonio when Benjamin Shaver turned twelve years old. Dr. Shaver was still a practicing physician at age 90 at the NABI Biomedical Center in San Antonio.
Content Abstract: The collection comprises a photograph album, a 1932 San Antonio Junior College yearbook, two loose photographs, and an invitation for a dance at the New York University gymnasium, dated 1903.

Sherfield, Mentoria

Creator Abstract: Mentoria Sherfield worked as an educator in the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) where she specialized in teaching students with special needs. Over the decades, she made significant contributions to the field of teaching and education.
Content Abstract: The collection is comprised of programs and records from organizations of which Sherfield was or is a member.

Sherman, Randall and Switzer, Ted

Creator Abstract: Randall Sherman and Ted Switzer were publishers of the Marquise.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of digital scans of the Marquise publication including published issues, pre-production proofs and related photographs.

Shown, John, 1937-

Creator Abstract: John Shown was an artist known for his collages and stitchery wall hangings. Shown created Forum magazine, an Artists Forum of Texas publication and Nuevo en todas las artes, the first freely distributed magazine of art and entertainment in Mexico .
Content Abstract: The John Shown Collection documents Shown's work as an artist while living in San Antonio through journals, inventories, photographs, and slides depicting Shown's artwork. Also in the collection are issues ofForum magazine of as well as photographs and print materials related to the publication. The collection holds two issues of Nuevo en todas las artes, a Cornyation manuscript, other written work, and correspondence from Shown's time spent in Mexico.

Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. Alamo Chapter.

Creator Abstract: Sigma Xi is an international, multidisciplinary research society whose programs and activities promote the health of the scientific enterprise and honor scientific achievement. The Alamo Chapter aims to serve the entire San Antonio scientific community.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of membership materials, meeting minutes, reports, correspondence, guidebooks and newsletters.

Sinkin, Fay and Sinkin, William

Creator Abstract: William (Bill) and Fay Sinkin, both known for their longstanding commitment to civic issues, married in 1942, made their home in San Antonio, and raised two sons. William is recognized for his involvement in civic, banking and community activities that promote small business. Fay is recognized for her community activism, especially in the areas of public health and water issues.
Content Abstract: The William and Fay Sinkin Papers document the Sinkin's longstanding commitment to civic issues and include correspondence, clippings, articles, scrapbooks, photographs, videotapes, and date books. The collection has been organized into four series: William Sinkin, Fay Sinkin, Scrapbooks, Audiovisual materials.

Slick, Tom.

Creator Abstract: Thomas Baker Slick, Jr. was an oilman, rancher, philanthropist, and founder of the Southwest Research Institute and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection represents the office files of Tom Slick and includes correspondence, reports, financial documents, minutes, project and subject files spanning from 1938-1962.

Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Texas

Creator Abstract: The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Texas, a state chapter of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, was founded in San Antonio, Texas on December 24, 1931. The goals of the Society are to join together people who share a common ancestry and to educate the public about the role of the Pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact in the early history and development of the United States. The Texas chapter began when fourteen members convened the first meeting in San Antonio in December 1931. In addition to holding meetings and events and producing publications for members, the Mayflower Descendants have found ways to reach out to the community at large, notably through a Scholarship Fund for high school seniors graduating in Texas.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1931 through 2003 and documents the activities of the state chapter and the duties performed by the Society's officers. Records include correspondence, legal documents, articles of incorporation, constitution and bylaws, membership ledgers and index cards, photographs, newsletters published by the Connecticut Society and some material connected with the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. There is also a wooden chest used by the Texas Society to display its charter, the names of the charter members and other historical items.

Sons of the Republic of Texas

Creator Abstract:
Content Abstract: The Kathryn Stoner O'Connor Mexican Manuscript Collection, collected by the Sons of the Republic of Texas, comprises 30 linear feet of printed and manuscript documents, periodicals, pamphlets, and broadsides, predominantly written in Spanish, and ranging in date from the 16th through the 20th centuries. The collection includes government documents, financial records, legal petitions, political and ecclesiastical decrees, wills and legal testaments, and personal and business letters. The collection covers a broad array of topics, including information on government, politics, finances, work, religion, social status, marriage and family, and numerous other subjects of social and historical interest.

Sorosis Club

Creator Abstract: The Sorosis Club was one of the earliest clubs in San Antonio, Texas, organized exclusively for women. On February 4, 1903, a group of women living in Government Hill, a San Antonio neighborhood near Fort Sam Houston, organized a study club in the home of Mrs. H. H. Richmond. Originally called the Government Hill Literary Society, the group changed its name to Sorosis Club in 1913 when women from other parts of the city began joining the group. The final Sorosis Club meeting was held in May 2000 at the end of their 1999-2000 club year.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1923 through 1991 and provides information about the club's members and activities primarily through minutes, photographs, scrapbooks and yearbooks.

Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (U.S.)

Creator Abstract: In 1974, William C. Velásquez established the Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project (SVREP) in San Antonio, Texas. At this time, San Antonio was the country's largest Latino-majority city. SVREP's mission is to empower Latinos and other minorities by increasing their participation in the American democratic process. SVREP is responsible for conducting thousands of voter registration drives. These events have registered over two million Latino voters, and they allow individuals to play an active role in their community through education and training. The Southwest Voter Research Institute (SVRI) was established in 1984 in conjunction with SVREP. SVRI’s mission is to conduct in-depth research in order to provide the public and Latino leaders with relevant information concerning the political opinions and behavior of Latinos. SVREP and the SVRI worked both collaboratively and independently, and they played an essential role in Latino voter mobilization and participation.
Content Abstract: The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project collection is separated into eight series: Organizational Files; Department Files; Reference, Writings, and Publications; Projects; Artifacts and Ephemera; Photographics; Electronic and Audio Visual Materials; and Maps. These series pertain to the history and growth of the organization. Each series may or may not have materials from both SVEP and SVRI. At one point the two organizations operated in the same space and often shared files. Each series will indicate what material belongs to which organization. If none are listed, it can be assumed that both SVREP and SVRI contributed and/or used the material because no organization was listed on the document.

Spiro, Herbert J.

Creator Abstract: Herbert John Spiro was a noted educator in political science, a U.S. ambassador, and a candidate for public office. Spiro spent over a decade as a member of the faculty at Harvard, and taught political science at Amherst College and the University of Pennsylvania and published thirteen books on government. From 1970-1975, Spiro was a senior member of the policy planning staff at the U.S. State Department, and under President Ford became ambassador to Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.
Content Abstract: Correspondence, course work, notes, papers, classified files, audio and videotapes, photographs, literary manuscripts, and printed materials spanning 1946-1994 document Herbert J. Spiro's education and teaching career, military service, government service, and involvement in politics and political campaigns. The bulk of the collection consists of academia office files, correspondence, course notes and lecture notes from Spiro's teaching career at Harvard, Amherst, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Texas.

Stanley, Margaret King.

Creator Abstract: Margaret King Stanley has resided in San Antonio for much of her life where she has been heavily involved in the local performing arts community, including the San Antonio Performing Arts Association, San Antonio Opera Guild and the San Antonio Symphony.
Content Abstract: The majority of this collection documents Margaret King Stanley's extensive work within the San Antonio arts community. Material types present are planning materials, correspondence, scrapbooks, programs, brochures, audio tapes, photographs and assorted ephemera.

Steinfeldt, John Mathias

Creator Abstract: John Mathias Steinfeldt, known as the Dean of Texas Pianists, was a composer, pianist and organist and a Master-teacher. In San Antonio, he served as organist at the First Baptist church, San Fernando Cathedral and at Temple Beth-El. Steinfeldt gave lessons and encouraged the study of music throughout his career. He was president of the San Antonio College of Music, which he founded in 1920. He had four children with wife Vivia May Steinfeldt: Cecile, John Jr., Robert and Eric. Cecile and John Jr. were also accomplished musicians and taught for a few years at the San Antonio College of Music.
Content Abstract: Music scores, correspondence and scrapbooks, which contain clippings and other ephemera. The material, most of which dates from 1900-1954, documents events in the career and personal life of John M. Steinfeldt. The collection includes some of his musical compositions, including published works, drafts, sketches and fragments of his work. Some material also concerns the activities of his wife and children, particularly those of his daughter Cecile.

Stevens, Charles L. (Charles Lewellen), 1873-1946.

Creator Abstract: Charles Lewellen Stevens was born in 1873 in Cuba, New York. He was a musician, bandleader and vaudeville performer, and played with a number of musical groups including the San Antonio Band and the Beaumont Concert Band (he was also director). In addition, he served as Secretary-Treasurer of the San Antonio Musicians' Society, Local 23 of the American Federation of Musicians. From 1918 to 1943, Stevens worked for the San Antonio Police Department. He died in San Antonio in September 1946.
Content Abstract: Photographs, music scores, correspondence and news clippings concerning the activities of Charles L. Stevens and his family. Of particular note is the photographs series which contain portraits of several generations of the family. The family of Mr. Stevens' first wife, Minna Erbe Stevens is also well represented in the collection. Most of the material was produced during Mr. Stevens' lifetime (1873-1946).

Stewart Title Company

Creator Abstract: Stewart Title Company was a company that abstracted land titles. It was founded in the 1890s in Galveston, Texas, by Maco Stewart. The Stewart family incorporated under the name Stewart Title Guaranty Company in 1908 and two years later opened an office in Dallas. In 1911, the Stewarts established an office in San Antonio by leasing and later purchasing Bexar Abstract Company's records. Stewart Title Company went on to expand outside of Texas beginning in 1956.
Content Abstract: The Stewart Title Company Records are, in part, a compilation of the land records obtained by Stewart Title Company as a result of its acquisition of Bexar Abstract Company in 1911. The records also include the company's own land records which were built upon those acquired from 1911 forward. Additionally, there are some administrative and client records that were maintained by both Stewart Title and its parent companies.

Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio (SDSA)

Creator Abstract: The Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio's mission is to participate in political activities that create a strong and effective voice for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities in local and state policy decisions.
Content Abstract: The Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio Records document the activities, events, and meetings of the Board of Directors and general membership. The records are comprised of correspondence, event materials, financial records, meeting minutes, planning documents, and assorted print materials.


Creator Abstract: Storyletters is an international publication of women’s writing founded, edited, and produced by Dr. Katharine Kittu Riddle. Riddle began the publication in 1993 to provide a place for women to contribute and share their stories. Issues of Storyletters contain poetry, correspondence, and true stories written and contributed by women from around the world.
Content Abstract: The records consist of a brief history, issues of Storyletters, correspondence, and publications. Collectively, the records document the lives and experiences of women from diverse cultures through their own writing. The collection also provides insight into readers' opinions and views on the publication.

Straus, David

Creator Abstract: The San Antonio River Walk Commission was created to review and regulate development along the River Walk (Paseo Del Rio) and La Villita.
Content Abstract: The San Antonio River Walk Commission-David Straus Papers include meeting minutes for the San Antonio River Walk Commission, information about development projects, and history of the River Walk. An item of note in this collection is the Master plan for the creation of the River Walk and its expansion for HemisFair, the 1968 World's Fair.

Stubblefield, Joe, 1944-2007

Creator Abstract: Joe Stubblefield worked as an architect in San Antonio, Texas, from 1972 until his death in 2007. His major architectural projects in the San Antonio area included the San Pedro Springs Park master plan, McAllister Fine Arts Center, St. Paul Square South Block improvements, San Antonio Police Officers Association, Borglum Studio Restoration, El Mirador Garden House, Via-Ellis Alley historic restoration, and Villas Del Norte alternative housing. Projects outside of San Antonio included the Nimitz Museum expansion in Fredericksburg, Texas, and the McFaddin Ward House Museum in Beaumont, Texas.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1939 through 2007 and includes appointment books, sketchbooks documenting the architect's career, and assorted awards and diplomas.

Super Adults.

Creator Abstract: Founded in 1975, Super Adults operate as a ministry of Laurel Heights United Methodist Church. The purpose of the organization is to offer any adult individual opportunity for Christian fellowship for learning, for increasing self-confidence and self-respect, for promoting friendship, for supervised travel and for participation in recreational activities.
Content Abstract: This collection consists of newsletters, calendars, membership rosters, event planning materials and limited photographs.

Swearingen, Winifred, 1868-1938 and Swearingen, Patrick Henry, 1865-1919.

Creator Abstract: Winifred Swearingen was a co-founder of the San Antonio Woman's Club in 1898 and involved in other San Antonio organization. Patrick Swearingen was a prominent attorney in San Antonio, with business in south Texas and Mexico.
Content Abstract: This collection is composed entirely of correspondence. The bulk of the correspondence is between Winifred McCraw and Patrick Henry Swearingen, but there are also letters from other family members and friends.