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Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association

Creator Abstract: The Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association was founded in 1979 as a voluntary incorporated neighborhood association, established for the protection, preservation and development of Mahncke and its surrounding neighborhood in all of its historical, physical, cultural and social aspects.
Content Abstract: The Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association Records span the years 1980 through 1994 and contain public documents, community newsletters, and other documents that illustrate the concerns of the Association.

Main Avenue High School Alumni Association

Creator Abstract: The Main Avenue High School Alumni Association was organized around 1979 to plan the 50th Anniversary reunions of the graduating classes of 1930-1932. Mary Carr-Paschal (Class of 1930) and Ben Shaver (Class of 1931) were the founders of the Main Avenue High School Alumni Association and Carr-Paschal served as one of the principal officers of the Association.
Content Abstract: The collection includes information about the school alumni associations and people connected to the Main Avenue High School Alumni Association. Items include correspondence, news clippings, yearbooks, alumni catalogs, alumni lists and addresses, flyers, photographs, newsletters, newspapers, meeting minutes and memoranda, programs and invitations, reports, song lyrics, cheers, and original poems and essays.

Man and Beast, Inc.

Creator Abstract: Man and Beast, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established to address animal welfare issues in San Antonio, Texas. The primary objective of the agency is to improve the quality of life for people and animals through a program of education and responsible action.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1968-2004 and includes letters, photographs, educational pamphlets, newspaper articles, financial documents, event planning documents, contracts, and surveys.

Martinello, Marian L., 1935-2015.

Creator Abstract: Marian Martinello was a Professor Emeritus of the Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching in the College of Education and Human Development and Associate Dean for Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).
Content Abstract: The Martinello papers include degree and award certificates, photographs, and research files.

Martinez, Jaime

Creator Abstract: Jaime Martinez was a civil rights activist and labor union organizer in San Antonio, Texas.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of one scrapbook containing photographs and print materials.

McAllister, Helen.

Creator Abstract: Helen McAllister was a member of Church Women United in Texas.
Content Abstract: Helen McAllister papers spans the years 1977-2000 and contains materials related Church Women United. The material includes state and national assemblies, Bible studies, newsletters, some programs and audiocassettes, a VHS tape, slides, and other assorted miscellaneous material.

McGowan, Michael

Creator Abstract: Michael McGowan resides in San Antonio and worked as an activist with the city's LGBTQ community. McGowan served on the board of directors of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center San Antonio (GLCCSA), as the Political Action Coordinator for the San Antonio Equal Rights Political Caucus (SAERPC), and as President of the San Antonio chapter of Log Cabin Republicans.
Content Abstract: The Entrapment Operations in San Antonio Parks Collection was brought together by Michael McGowan while serving on the board of directors of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center San Antonio. The collection is comprised of printed materials that chronicle entrapment operations of San Antonio police and park rangers in the city's parks. Also in the collection are records covering efforts by the Gay and Lesbian Community Center to stop entrapment actions and assist some of those arrested in park undercover operations. The collection has been arranged into the following series: correspondence, court records, Liberty Legal Defense Fund records, San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) records, newsclippings, and assorted materials.

McNeel, Pleas.

Creator Abstract: Pleas McNeel has been involved in using various forms of media to educate and network people concerned about environmental protection in San Antonio and the south-central region of Texas, through publishing a monthly newspaper, the Eagle-Bone Whistle, helping establish public radio and public-access cable TV, and through projects on the Internet.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the material includes reports, programs, studies, correspondence, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, broadsides, educational material, and videocassettes pertaining to cable and local television and radio companies. Also included is the Eagle Bone Whistle newspaper.

Mexican American Business and Professional Women's Association of San Antonio

Creator Abstract: The Mexican American Business and Professional Women's Association of San Antonio (MABPW), was organized by Luz Escamilla in 1972. The organization works to promote the image of the Mexican American woman and advocate for working women through community outreach, education, activism, and scholarship programs.
Content Abstract: The collection documents the history, structure, function, activities, and events of the club through legal documents, minutes, correspondence, reports, financial records, planning materials, programs, newsletters, and photographs.

Mexican American Democrats of Texas.

Creator Abstract: In December 1975 Mexican American Democrats of Texas was formed to provide a formal structure to make gains for Mexican Americans in the Democratic Party.
Content Abstract: The records of the Mexican American Democrats of Texas (MAD) contain correspondence, minutes, clippings and other materials relating to the political and social activism of Eugene and Sylvia Rodriguez, charter members of MAD.

Michel, Joseph, 1922-2003

Creator Abstract: Dr. Joseph Michel was the first Dean of Multidisciplinary Studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He was a Fulbright Scholar and lectured and contributed to programs in Chile, Denmark, England, Mexico, Peru, and Spain. He became UTSA's Dean of Multidisciplinary Studies in 1973, where he remained until his retirement in 1986. Before coming to UTSA, Michel served as the director of the Foreign Language Education Center at the University of Texas at Austin from 1962-1973.
Content Abstract: The collection includes class notes and articles, videos, college papers written by Michel, syllabi, bibliographies, notes on lectures, photographs, clippings, correspondence, awards and other certificates of accomplishment, a gavel, and the blueprints of Michel's house.

Midtown on Blanco

Creator Abstract: Midtown on Blanco was a Texas nonprofit corporation committed to commercial and neighborhood revitalization.
Content Abstract: Collection is comprised of board materials, newspaper clippings, newsletters, planning materials and reports.

Military Civilian Club of San Antonio

Creator Abstract: The Military Civilian Club of San Antonio was formed in 1921 to promote a closer union between women of the Army and those of the city of San Antonio.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of scrapbooks, photographs, and print materials chronicling the club's events.

Milk, Robert D.

Creator Abstract: Robert D. Milk was Professor and Department Chair of the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Department of Bilingual-Bicultural Studies.
Content Abstract: The Robert D. Milk Papers include correspondence, administrative documents, teaching materials, grant proposals, conference materials, research files, subject files, reports, and publications.

Milligan, Bryce, 1953-.

Creator Abstract: Bryce Milligan is the author of three volumes of poetry, five historical novels, and more than 2,000 articles. He is the publisher/editor of Wings Press and former director of the literature program at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection documents Milligan's work in the literary community through book projects, poetry chapbooks, book fair materials and correspondence.

Mission City Business and Professional Women's Club (San Antonio, Tex.)

Creator Abstract: Mission City Business and Professional Women's Club offers a nurturing and supportive environment to working women as they travel their career paths. They offer educational resources and programs for both our members and our community so that they may continue to expand the frontiers of justice and equality for all.
Content Abstract: Mission City Business and Professional Women's Club records Primarily consists of correspondence, minutes, membership materials and newsletters.

Mitchell Lake Wetlands Society (San Antonio, Tex.)

Creator Abstract: As the site of one of San Antonio's first centralized wastewater treatment projects, Mitchell Lake spent most of the 20th century as a sewage collection site. The lake is positioned on a natural migratory bird route and serves as a resting point for tens of thousands of birds each year, who continued to frequent the shallow wetlands despite the sewage. By the time discharge of raw or partially treated effluent was discontinued in 1987, Mitchell Lake was recognized as a world-class bird-watching site. Bird watchers come from all over the world to see the unique variety of birds that visit there. Mitchell Lake Wetlands Society was a support group that assisted San Antonio Water System in protecting and developing Mitchell Lake as a bird and wildlife sanctuary.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of administrative records, including correspondence, minutes, reports and financial records. Also included are typescript drafts, research materials and photographs.

Morgan, James.

Creator Abstract: James Morgan (1787-1866) was a Texas pioneer, merchant, land speculator and Commander at Galveston during the Texas Revolution (1835-1836). He first came to Texas in 1830. In 1834, during the feverish era of speculation just prior to the Texas Revolution, Morgan organized an ambitious land venture called the New Washington Association.
Content Abstract: The collection is comprised of twenty-eight documents and letters. All but two of the documents were written before 1841. Most of the documents are related to Morgan and the establishment of the New Washington Association. Many of the documents bear Morgan’s own notes and docketing; some of them are his drafts or retaining copies.