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Odom, Marianne Young, Gaylon Finklea

Creator Abstract: Businesses that Built San Antonio was published in 1985 by Living Legacies in anticipation of the approaching 1986 Texas Sesquicentennial. The text of the book is based on oral history interviews with more than 50 business spokespeople.
Content Abstract: The Businesses that Built San Antonio collection is comprised of the source material for the book of the same name. Included are oral history interviews and transcripts, company histories, correspondence and assorted printed material.

Opera Guild of San Antonio

Creator Abstract: The Opera Guild of San Antonio was founded in 1974 as a nonprofit educational and charitable association to promote the awareness of opera and encourage its growth.
Content Abstract: The Opera Guild of San Antonio Records include correspondence, reports, minutes, agendas, scrapbooks, invitations, brochures, photographs, ephemera, and yearbooks and documents the public and administrative activities of the group.

Order of the Damas de Galvez

Creator Abstract: Order of the Damas de Galvez is a women's unit of equal status to the men's Order of Granaderos de Galvez. Both are patriotic organizations dedicated to honoring the memory of General Bernardo de Galvez and other Spaniards who aided American Colonies during the War for Independence.
Content Abstract: Records include founding records, minutes, meetings, treasurer's reports, annual membership rosters, and correspondence concerning donations and events. The bulk of the records document the organization's functions during the 1990s.