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W. E. Simpson Company

Creator Abstract: Willard Eastman Simpson Sr., one of the early pioneers in the emerging field of consulting structural engineering in Texas graduated from the West Texas Military Academy (now Texas Military Institute- TMI) in 1901.
Content Abstract: The collection includes three photograph albums documenting the W.E. Simpson Company’s projects in building construction and civil-structural engineering around South Texas including San Antonio, Houston, Galveston and the Hill Country from the 1900s-1930s. Also included in the collection are photographs of later projects that date from the mid-1950s to the early 1980s.

Warden, R.D. and Warden, Margaret

Creator Abstract: R. D. Warden joined the staff of his father's newspaper, the Great Falls Tribune, in 1925. He rose from cub reporter to executive editor and was part owner of the paper until it was sold in 1965. From that time until his death in 1979, he pursued his interest in Western art and history with his wife, Margaret S. Warden. Margaret S. Warden was involved in libraries and information services on the state and national level, and served as a Montana state senator.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1835 through 1990 and includes brochures and maps for state and national parks of the Western and Northwestern states; art prints, gallery guides, exhibition catalogs, periodicals and prints (some reproductions) of art and artists of Western subjects; maps, government documents, tourist brochures, pamphlets, souvenir books, and articles about Native Americans and the cities and regions of the American West.

Warren, John William

Creator Abstract:
Content Abstract: The John William Warren Papers are composed primarily of correspondence but also include legal documents. Portions of these documents are in the Spanish language. The legal documents cover the period from 1902 to 1948. Included within the papers is Autos de General Visita de Orcasitas, a handwritten document from 1768. The John William Warren Papers represent Texas business relations with Mexico in the early twentieth century.

Washington Family

Creator Abstract: The Washington family were members of a freedmen's colony in Cologne, Texas founded by George Washington and Joseph Smith.
Content Abstract: The collection is comprised of print materials related to property ownership and taxes. There are photographs of the family and their house, one piece of correspondence, and one fabric remnant.

Watkins, Richard Leigh

Creator Abstract: Richard Leigh Watkins was born circa 1878 and raised in Tennessee. Between 1910 and 1911 Watkins was business manager for the Beeville Manufacturing Company. Also in 1910 Watkins and five other men formed the Texas Title Guaranty Company. Watkins was active in a variety of associations and clubs in San Antonio, and in 1910 was one of the vestry of St. Mark’s Church.
Content Abstract: The Richard L. Watkins Papers, 1896-1911 consist of the papers of this San Antonio lawyer and reflect both his social and business life.

Watters, Curtis Fisher, 1893-1982.

Creator Abstract: Curtis Fisher Watters raised 3 daughters on her own in early 20th century Texas and was one of the first Certified Medial Records Librarians in the state.
Content Abstract: The Curtis Fisher Watters Papers document the life of an independent Texas woman and four generations of her family and friends through photographs, scrapbooks, books, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and ephemera.

Wayner, Matthew J.

Creator Abstract: Matthew J. Wayner was a professor of neurobiology at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He became a faculty member with UTSA in 1983 and taught in the Biology Department until 2008.
Content Abstract: The collection contains general correspondence, correspondence documenting Wayner's position as editor-in-chief of academic journals, dissertations of students Wayner supervised, materials related to biomedical research support grants, research files, articles, conference files, materials pertaining to the establishment of a doctoral program in biology, appointment books, teaching notes, publications, and other materials.

Westside Service Resource Council

Creator Abstract: Westside Service Resource Council is an interangency council to service the westside of San Antonio. One of the main purposes of this Council is to enhance client access to services in the community.
Content Abstract: By-laws, program planning and promotional materials, meeting minutes and directories document the Westside Service Resource Council from its beginning in 1992 up through 2005. The bulk of the records consist of meeting minutes, covering the period 1992-2001.

Whiteaker, James E., Jr.

Creator Abstract: James E. Whiteaker, Jr. was a San Antonio architect as well as president of the Beautify San Antonio Association.
Content Abstract: Includes sketches, correspondence, photographs, University of Houston grades, correspondence, and convocation program, and articles.

Whitehead, Beck

Creator Abstract: Beck Whitehead is a San Antonio artist who served as Chair of Papermaking and Book Arts at the Southwest School of Art until 2016. Whitehead is a papermaker who creates paper paintings and one-of-a-kind books.
Content Abstract: The collection documents three of Beck Whitehead’s book and paper arts projects undertaken between 2001-2018. It includes prototypes, mock ups, and test printing used by Whitehead in the creative process.

Whitmore, Eugene.

Creator Abstract: No biographical information can be found on Eugene Whitmore.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of 11 chapters on historical San Antonio landmarks, as well as 29 black and white photographs depecting the landmarks. Also included are a title page and forward, photo captions and a single typescript page.

Wilcox, Sebron Sneed, 1884-1959

Creator Abstract: Sebron Sneed Wilcox founded the Laredo Historical Society (Laredo, Tex.) and was a member of the Texas Historical Commission for Webb County, Texas. Wilcox was a Texas historian, writing several articles based on materials in the Laredo Archives. He worked as a court reporter for the Forth-ninth District in Laredo from 1911-1958.
Content Abstract: The Sebron Sneed Wilcox papers span the years 1749 through 1968 and consist of his collected and written documents regarding the history of Laredo, Texas. The papers consist of correspondence, Laredo history, lawsuit and trial transcriptions, speeches and documentation on the various celebrations held in Laredo.

Wilkins, Frederick, 1916-2004

Creator Abstract: Frederick Wilkins wrote extensively on the Texas Rangers.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the material is manuscript drafts, but also includes some maps, a speech, photos, slides, and a book review.

Willson, Robert, 1912-2000

Creator Abstract: Robert Willson was an internationally known artist who was educated in the Southwest United States and Mexico. In his early twenties he studied in Mexico and was among the first American artists to adapt Mayan and Mexican folk art imagery in his art. Willson's later work merged Ancient Mayan imagery with Italian glass sculpture techniques.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of photographs from Robert Willson's two educational trips to Mexico, with a focus on the local people and culture. Also included are signed photographs of artists he befriended, and promotional flyers for Socialism in Mexico.

Wilson, Louita Dodson 1917-1992.

Creator Abstract: Louita Wilson Dodson was a petroleum geologist, anthropologist, author, and community leader in Texas.
Content Abstract: Autobiographical papers of Louita Dodson Wilson consist of works, notes, letters, legal documents, printed material, and artwork created during the latter part of her life.

Winegarten, Ruthe.

Creator Abstract: Ruthe Winegarten was born August 26, 1929 in Texas; she was an activist, author, and a historian.
Content Abstract: The records are primarily made up of a manuscript and correspondence, photocopies of clippings, excerpts from book chapters and hand written notes.

Wise, Gordon

Creator Abstract:
Content Abstract: Collection consists of one scrapbook which features photographs and detailed descriptions of the Nightmare on Grayson haunted house, Screamscapes, and other business ventures by Gordon Wise.

Woman's Club of San Antonio

Creator Abstract: The Woman's Club of San Antonio, a club organized for charitable work, education and fellowship, was founded on October 1, 1898. It is the oldest women's civic and social organization in San Antonio, and was the first women's club in Texas to endorse women's suffrage.
Content Abstract: Records document the structure, activities, interests, events, and business transactions of the Woman's Club of San Antonio. Of note are membership applications, 1937-1982; Fiesta programs, 1945-1994; and yearbooks, 1900-2016. The core of the Club's activities are documented in the records of the Roundtables.


Creator Abstract: WomanSpace was the longest continuously published women's community newsletter in San Antonio.
Content Abstract: The records consist mainly of newsletters, but also contain submissions to the newsletter and event planning materials.

Women of the 80's.

Creator Abstract: Women of the 80's was annual conference in the 1980's to honor outstanding San Antonio women in their career fields, and to recognize their up-and-coming protégées.
Content Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of planning materials, correspondence, agendas, scrapbooks and assorted printed materials.

Women's Legislative Caucus (Texas)

Creator Abstract: The exhibit originated as a Texas Sesquicentennial project funded at state expense through members of the Women's Legislative Caucus, a group consisting of women House members. The exhibit was first shown in 1987. In 1994, the exhibit was updated with funding by Patrick M.W. Johnson. Johnson and Kelly Martino of Houston collected new photographs, created, designed, and constructed the updated exhibit; subsequent updates were made in later years. The original exhibit was freestanding with images of women legislators mounted and matted on blue particleboard. To complete the exhibit, eight Texas artists volunteered their time and talent to sketch the portraits of women officeholders whose photographs were unavailable.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of 77 portraits of women who have served in the Texas legislature, as well as accompanying captions and credits displayed in the Women in Texas Government exhibit.

Women's Overseas Service League

Creator Abstract: The Women's Overseas Service League (WOSL) was founded in 1921 by women who had served in World War I. The group initially existed as local units, but soon became a national organization and began publishing the quarterly magazine Carry On. An annual convention was also established in 1921 and has been held every year except during the World War II years of 1942-1945. WOSL was the first women's organization to contribute to UNICEF and was one of the first organizations to be an accredited observer at the United Nations.
Content Abstract: The records of the Women's Overseas Service League document the everyday business and functions of the organization. The records include correspondence, minutes, reports, photographs, scrapbooks and printed materials. Insight into the organization is offered from a national and local perspective. The collection exposes the fundamental operations that were carried out by the members of WOSL.

Woodhull, John Frost

Creator Abstract: John Frost Woodhull was a San Antonian and the great-grandson of Thomas C. Frost.
Content Abstract: The collection consists of documents containing information about John Frost Woodhull’s youth.

Woolford, S. W. (Sam W.) and Woolford, Bess Carroll

Creator Abstract: Sam and Bess Woolford were journalists and historians working in Texas in the twentieth century.
Content Abstract: The collection's manuscripts, research notes and other material document Texas history and folklore. A large number of Texas newspapers are also included. Most of the material dates from 1930-1975. Mr. Woolford wrote a column in the San Antonio Light from 1955 to 1975. The Woolford's Tales column spanned topics such as Texan archeology, Texan history and biographies of Texans. Most of these columns are in the collection. Additional writings by Mr. Woolford and his wife as well as their collection of Texana are held within this collection.

Worsham Family.

Creator Abstract: Israel Worsham lived in Montgomery County in the Republic of Texas, served in the Texas legislature (1855-1856) and the Montgomery County Home Guard during the Civil War. In 1867, he wrote the description of Montgomery County for the Texas Almanac.
Content Abstract: The collection contains papers of Israel Worsham and his immediate family, and those of his great-great-granddaughter, Ella K. Daggett Stumpf, which deal with her research on Israel Worsham. Israel Worsham's papers, which are largely financial, are divided into seven series: Correspondence, Slave Sales, Financial Records, Political Involvement, Military and Veteran Records, Employment Agreements with Freedmen, Council of Laborers, and Election Administration Records. The papers of Jeremiah Worsham and other family members are correspondence.

Wright, Zoe, 1928-

Creator Abstract: Natalie (Zoe) Wright served on the Board of Directors of the Woman's Pavilion at HemisFair 1968 in San Antonio, Texas, the first world's fair ever to be held in Texas. She was born in 1928 in San Antonio, living in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, for most of her life. She attended the University of Texas at Austin from 1945-1946 as a drama major. She has been active in several civic organizations including the San Antonio Conservation Society, Military-Civilian Club of San Antonio, San Antonio Art League, American Red Cross, and the Salvation Army.
Content Abstract: This collection is comprised of one scrapbook, compiled by HemisFair 1968 Woman's Pavilion Board of Directors member Zoe Wright. The scrapbook spans the years 1967 through 1968 and includes materials documenting HemisFair 1968, with a particular focus on materials generated by and relating to the Woman's Pavilion.